I am in love with the illustrations by DEERFACE.   She works wonders with Gouache and WaterColour.  Inspiration to do more of that myself!  She also makes the most adorable Brooches and miniature Stickers which she sells on her ETSY store.

She is offering $50 Gift Vouchers to her ETSY STORE.  This would be a lovely gift.

Well, I am off to Arizona for a few days to celebrate my cousin graduating from college.  Hopefully I will return with some color in my cheeks.   xoxo -Kelli


  1. Anna

    Devon is amazing hah! there are so many amazing female illustrators popping out of the works in New Zealand.

  2. Kathrine Hoegh

    Awesome illustrations.
    I’ve been visiting your blog for some time now, and for some weird reason I’ve never posted a comment.
    Anyway. Just wanted to say I really adore your blog! It’s my favorite (as of right now) ^^*

    Hopefully my english isn’t as bad as I think it is (I’m from Denmark). Oh well.
    Have a nice weekend!


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