I have been a busy little bee the last two nights.

HELLO DOLL is a new boutique that is just getting ready to open it’s doors this week.  I was commissioned by the owner to create this 5′ X 7′ canvas painting to display on one of the stores main walls.  Being the procrastinator that I am, I left it to the last minute to get this thing complete.  I tacked up the loose primed canvas onto one the walls in our house (the empty nursery made for a perfect spot) and sketched out the illustration large scale before pulling out my paints.  Several hours and an achy back later, here is what I made.  I had a lot of fun with it.  It’s nice to “go big” every now and then, although I plan on taking a pass on any more projects like this until after the baby comes because…well….it is belly’s turn to “go big”.  Thanks Lynna for the opportunity!


If you live in or near Alpine, check out Lynna’s new boutique, “Hello Doll”.

It is located at 2733 Alpine Blvd, Alpine CA.


  1. lydia.

    artist like you inspire me so much, to be a better artist myself. :)
    this is so exceptionally beautiful!
    it doesn’t even look like paint. wow.

    • kelli

      ahhh good question Christine! I just might unpack them for that purpose ;) But haven’t quite decided yet on my vision for the room! So many options!

  2. Shellie

    It perfectly reflects Lynna’s style and personality. It even looks just like her. BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Ashley

    Why are you so freaking talented??? That turned out amazzzing. Now go take a hot bath or get a message, won’t you?

  4. Martina

    Lovely work! I love the way you worked on it, and the pictures showing the progress, it really gives you a feel how the work came together and that’s really nice. :)


  5. Bre

    Wow, complete respect for you doing that. It’s done so well! I wish I could do anything remotely as good!

    That’ll be great in a little boutique too. :)


  6. Tiff

    Wow! This is absolutely beautiful! Great work Kelli! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the baby’s nursery. Thought of any names yet?

  7. Carly

    This is sooo gorgeous. Actually, it would make an amazing tattoo!
    : p

    Also, this made me think, are you going to do any custom painting in your nursery?

    • kelli

      I’m not sure Carly! I have definitely thought about it, but I think I will be able to visualize it a little better once I have it “put together” a little more. Right now I’m working on very little! Time to get moving!

  8. kate

    wow! if i lived in cali i would want you to paint one of my bedroom walls! sadly england is a bit of a trek hah

  9. Ilana

    Ok, so I think it’s about time you fly over to NZ and come paint a gorgeous illustration like this in our shop!!! Please? :P

    Fantastic work Kelli!

    • kelli

      Oh how I wish to fly to NZ! Maybe me and the baby bunny will travel there one day and we can meet you! :) …one day.

  10. Ilana

    Haha yes please! Otherwise the husband and I, and our little baby bunny will come over and meet your little family one day! :)

  11. Karin

    oh gosh I found you via chictopia and your blog is just a maze full of dreams, plus you have the cutest baby bump in the world xxx

  12. Danielle Smith

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE this sooooo much! You are so talented. Are you selling this as a print by chance?


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