Seriously, time needs to slow down.  I thought posting a “bump” update every 2 weeks sounded about right in the beginning.  But 2 weeks feels like 2 days! I feel like my post at 24 weeks was just yesterday, and here I am already, writing agian at 26.   I hope you are not sick of them! Baby is growing like a weed!

So, you hear about women saying that you wake up one day and just “pop”.  Well, it’s kind of true.  My “pop” happened this wednesday.  I woke up, walked past the mirror, and then had to walk back again to stare at my belly.  WHOW! Was I just noticing this now or did it really grow overnight?  I think it just might have!  I’ve realized as each day goes by and  my waistband continues to expand, dressing has become a whole new challenge.  I’m one to lean towards oversized slouchy sweaters and loose fit tanks and tees. But it’s not really working for me anymore.  All of a sudden, I just feel frumpy.  I now have a whole new strategy….to HIGHLIGHT instead of HIDE this belly of mine.  I have found myself wearing more fitted tops and belted dresses that show it off a little more.  And go figure, I went to baby GAP the other day and the woman working there asked me “if I had something cooking!?” AHHH, my first comment from a stranger!  She may have been tipped off that I was in a baby store….in the infant section…with a rather protruding belly….but still!  I’ll take it.  “Yes.  I am cooking up a baby girl.  Due in August.”

I am kind of in love with my new shoes.  They are gigantic, I know.  My sister took one look at them and was like “What ARE those!? They are ridiculous!” Ridiculously amazing, you mean? ;) I love almost everything Jeffrey Campbell touches.  I met him last year at a trade show in Vegas, and he was the coolest, most down to earth guy.  Made me like his product even more.  These Ford Lace-Up’s I bought from Need Supply.  Which, if you have never visited their online store, go now! One of my all time fav’s.  I have been eyeing these ILLESTEVA frames for a while now.  Perfect summer sunnies, don’t you think?

And here is my usually baby bump update pic…big and bare!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

We spent most of it painting the nursery and shopping for a changing table.  Or in my case, a vintage dresser that I will be converting into my changing table. fun fun fun fun! The process has begun.

  1. Marisa

    You and that beautiful baby bump are just LOVELY, Miss Kelli! Oh, how I love and look forward to these updates–thanks for sharing!! Keep ’em coming, girl. :)

  2. Lo Quinn

    You are to darn cute! You look simply amazing! We can’t wait to meet your little joy….

    Andy & Lo

  3. Cáti

    just found your blog :)
    love your style dear!
    oh and congrats for being pregnant :) your belly looks adorable.

  4. Ilana

    Yay I totally vote showing off the belly! I cannot wait to see some updates on the nursery, sounds like fun doing a bit of DIY to make it your own :)

  5. islabell

    Oh wow, that must be such an amazing surreal experience. You look amazingly stylish with your hat and shoes (to die for).

  6. Julia Gentry

    It’s just sooo hard not to be closer to you. I love reading your blogs because I feel like I don’t miss out so much. You are so talented, you are so beautiful, and you are still so incredibly little even with that baby bump. MISS YOU!!

  7. darcy

    that is breathtaking, you are such a beautiful pregnant mommy.
    Love ya


  8. Kyleen

    aw i love that you’re wearing more fitted shirts, you look so cute! and your belly has gotten so much bigger :) you look so tan too or is that photoshop? haha love you sis and niece!

  9. Kyleen

    …oh and those shoes ARE ridiculous but i think they were made for you and you look fantastic in them.

  10. Kelly Hicks

    I would have to agree…those shoes are to die for! Amazing. Congratulations on the bun in the oven! Looks like she’s going to have the best shoe collection!

  11. Katie

    Hi! I was wondering if you could post a picture of your new vintage changing table! :)

  12. http://www./

    Courtney keep writing I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures and being kept updated on how you are doing. You are an amazing person, please believe in yourself. I truly admired you when you were at Burns, you truly knew how to handle and speak to the children it was very noticeable. Miss seeing you.


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