So , it’s a holiday weekend and I have no husband.  Well, he is on vacation that is.  Visiting family in Indiana and watching the Indy 500 with his dad and brother in-laws.  He grew a decent mustache in honor of the occasion.  (*note – I don’t think Sam has ever watched a race before).   I told him he better brush up on his knowledge before he headed into a land of race car die hards. He said he was just looking forward to the beer and nachos. Ohh boys! It’s only been one day and I miss him already.

With Sam gone, I decided to think more about BABY and all the things we still have left to plan for.  Next weekend my sister is taking me out for a fun filled day at Babies”R”Us to start my registry.  It’s all still kind of overwhelming but I think I have a grip on most of the basics of what I’ll need.  It’s hard to believe it is already almost June and I am entering my third trimester! I’m excited and anxious and kind of just wanting it to be August 27th tomorrow so I can meet her already.  A couple fears I have:  I went to the doctor last week and they were a little worried about my slow weight gain.  I have to go take a second ultrasound (next week) to make sure the baby is developing normally and nothing is wrong.  My appetite is three times what it used to be, so i’m not sure why I am not gaining the weight expected of me.  I know that all I can do is what is in my power to do….eat right, take my vitamins, sleep…and the rest is up to God. But I can’t help but have that nagging “what if?” in the back of my head.  I think my mind will be much more at ease once I get results back from that second ultrasound confirming she is ok and growing normally.  Right now,  I have to trust that she is.  Another challenge as of late is finding out I have anemia.  My leg cramps and fast pulse and fatigue all made sense when my blood test’s came back with that result.  It’s relatively normal for pregnant women to get this near the end of their pregnancy, but I do have to add another iron supplement to my prenatal and hopefully my red blood cells will bump up to normal again.  So far, the extra iron has just been making my stomach hurt….but if it’s benefitting the baby, it’s well worth it.  My biggest priority right now is making sure she is ok.  So if you have a minute, I would sincerely appreciate your prayers for her growth and positive results for that ultrasound next week.

But back to the fun side, I have already started my collection of mini odds and ends.  These pictures are some of my favorites….so far, everything fits in just one drawer!

Crochet dress from BABY GAP & Knit Booties by Carolina Knots / Vintage Baby Bonnet from local antique store / Antique Baby Shoes from Hula Hoop Vintage

I know they are everywhere right now, but there is something about a pretty bunting that I just LOVE.  This one by Pieces of Olde caught my eye and I had to have it for the nursery.  Not sure where it will hang yet, but I am imagining above the crib.

AHHHHH and the moccasins (below)!!! I think I squealed the loudest when these arrived at my doorstep.  They are each handmade by Wayside Violet.  Aren’t they adorable!?  I can’t wait to get them on her feet!  Along with that pale yellow vintage sweater….if only it came in my size too!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

xoxo Kelli


  1. mimi

    :) cuteness! I’m excited for you! My best friend recently had a baby and she also was anemic. Regular iron hurt her stomach too so I recommended my favorite brand. Its called Megafood. Their supplements are made out of food… so they don’t usually hurt the stomach. She had really good luck with it. You can find it usually at health food stores like Henry’s and Whole Foods or this website http://www.mynaturalmarket.com has them pretty cheap. They aren’t the most inexpensive vitamins but totally worth it. I love them! Be well! <3 mimi

  2. cathryn

    Ahh how cute is that crochet dress and the little bonnet!!! She will be adorable! :) My thoughts are with you!!

  3. Hanna

    keep my fingers crossed that everythings gonna be ok :)) (i hope this sentence makes sense, i’m austrian :D )

  4. jenni wells

    I live in Indiana and had no idea the race was today. Boy, I really don’t keep up with sports things. It’s so hard being away from my husband, I hope yours comes home soon.

    The baby clothes are darling. My best friend just has her first little girl and now I’m always on the lookout for cutesy finds like these!

  5. Vanessa

    Sending good vibes your way:-) Absolutely adorable little pieces… and the little moccasins are to die for.

  6. denise

    So gorgeous!!! i love that picture with the shoes next to the rose. so beautiful. you’re gonna have such an adorable, beautiful child. x

  7. Heather Sanchez

    Your baby girl is seriously going to make all other women jealous with her fabulous little style! I’ve been loving the fun little twist of baby blogs mixed in with the art fun! It’s so exciting to read along as you go through the different stages of it all!
    Praying so so hard that everything is PERFECT with baby girl. It will be, they just have to be uber thorough, always, so they can come to you with confidence that the babe is good. Those test results with ease your mind, I just know it :)

  8. Mary Kate

    Definitely will keep you and your little one in my prayers today! :)

    Also – the baby clothes are super cute! I have 7 nieces and nephews and it wasn’t until the 6 & 7th til the little girls came along – shopping for girls clothes is the best!

  9. Crystal


    Not to worry. I know how difficult it is not being able to see the little bean grow (oh how I wished that my belly was transparent so I could confirm that I was doing a good job). It is protocol if the size of your belly hasn’t grown in two visits to have an ultrasound. I was showing 32 weeks at 37 and my daughter was born at the perfect gestational weight. She is now a healthy little monkey with no probs,

    Can’t wait to see images of the nursery!



  10. stacey

    I send my love and positive thoughts over to you. I know it must be hard not to worry I’m a worrier I get it from my Mum I wish I could be one of those laid back people. Everything is going to fine.
    Your little girl is going to be the best dressed her clothes are so adorable and I love the bunting.

    lots of love stacey xx

  11. Martina

    I’m sorry you have to live with the weight of the unknown. I hope your u/s appointment comes quickly. I am in my first trimester and every day I have moments of worry that I’m not eating/exercising/sleeping/walking/breathing right for this baby. I hope you can find comfort in the thought that your body is going to demand of you what is necessary to create a healthy, beautiful baby, so you just need to be in tune with what it’s telling you and all will go fine. As Heather said, the Dr. just has to be thorough. It’s just so annoying that they can say, “Something might be wrong.” and then send you away to stress over it for 2 weeks. Did they tell you to take your iron with a glass of orange juice and avoid milk until it’s digested? It’ll all be worth it in just a few short months ^_^
    The clothes and decorations you’ve picked out are so cozy and lovely :) (I can’t wait to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl!) Thank you for sharing your experiences as you go. I’ll be keeping you and your baby girl in my thoughts. x

    • kelli

      Thanks everyone so much for your sweet notes and thoughts! It means so much to me! I will keep you posted on how the ultrasound goes on Friday. I am keeping hope hopes high that she is growing just fine.

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