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We love the fair.  It’s actually where Sam and I met for the first time four years ago…so it holds a special place in both of our hearts.  I remember taking one look at him and thinking…”man….i’ve got to get to know this boy”.  I’m sure glad things worked out :)  The Del Mar Fair happens once a year mid-June through the July 4th and brings with it all sorts of nostalgic memories for me.  Sam and I make it a priority to venture back every year, despite feeling a little “too old”.  The food alone is what draws me now.  And fair food while pregnant??….let me tell you, it was a whole new experience!  I didn’t dare try the maple bacon donut I had heard so much about though.  Those sorts of combinations are just not right.  And deep fried BUTTER!?! …..really!??   As we were walking around we kept talking about how we can’t wait until we can enjoy things like this with our baby girl.  It will be just that much more exciting!  I can just see her now, petting the baby goats and laughing at the fat bellied pigs and asking for “more cotton candy please”!  (just like her momma).  Ooooh that will be the day!

I can’t tell you how many photo strips we have like this together.  It’s an overpriced MUST at the fair.  But unfortunately, this was not our best round! haha.  “When does this thing start?”  FLASH.  Oh.

Happy fourth of July weekend! to you!  Aren’t three day weekends the best!? Are you doing anything fun!? I think the beach and a bit of BBQ-ing is in order for us.



All I want to do is wear sweatpants.  But I won’t allow it.  I’ve promised myself to NOT GIVE IN to frumpy clothes in this pregnancy! haha!  We will see how long that promise will last…but for now, I’m sticking to it!   This bump is no longer just a bump.  So it’s definitely interesting finding things to wear that don’t look ridiculous.  This crochet top I found on sale at anthro and I loooved it. I know I will outgrow it soon, so I’ve been taking advantage of wearing it while I still can.  Crochet anything gets me drooling….


Photos by JOIELALA

Black Crochet Top - Anthropologie / Pleated Skirt - Free People / Belt - Urban Outfitters /
Glasses - Vintage / Head Scarf - Vintage

Last night I was happy to open an unknown package that was mailed to me, only to find my copy of STYLE YOURSELF – inspired advice from the world’s top fashion bloggers.  I had almost forgotten about it!  I was emailed months ago asking for permission to use one of my photo’s in the book, and alas, it is complete.  My photo is featured on page 193, but there are many many more (bigger/better) bloggers featured :)  Basically it gives you tons of ideas and expert tips on how to apply high fashion inspiration to your everyday waredrobe.  Get yourself a copy HERE!


And lastly…in just a few hours Sam and I are heading to Palm Springs for a long weekend (“babymoon”!) Our last hurrah before this baby comes!  I wanted to do this before I got too big and uncomfortable to want to travel….or wear a bathing suit.  haha!  I am so looking forward to sunshine, pools and room service!  I hope you all have a great relaxing weekend too!


OK, so first things first.  I know some of you have been waiting for this so I wanted to announce the winner of the BIG HUGE GIVEAWAY! It was (honestly) the hardest decision ever because there were so many of you I wanted to give this to after reading your comments….but after much contemplation I decided on…MEGAN GARTNER – I think it is wonderful that you are using your art to make a difference in the lives of neglected children.  Thanks for your heart and sacrificial spirit.  You inspire ME! :)  Email me with your address!  And thank you SHANNON WAITE for the beautiful painting!! Email me with your address too! And of course, thanks to everyone else who wrote some of the  most kind words I have ever had shared with me! I was blown away and certainly blessed by all of you this week!

And on to baby news….

The countdown begins.  10 MORE WEEKS! Holy moly. When I think in terms of weeks, it sounds just that much closer! My sister just mailed out all of my invitations for my baby shower next month and I am getting a little giddy about that!  I decided to register with just Babies”R”Us and then sign up with, which I discovered a little while ago while flipping through a pregnancy mag at Borders.  It’s pretty genius.  Basically it let’s you create one universal registry where you can add items from any store, worldwide.  Check it out if you are getting married or having a baby! I love it because it let’s you pick all the things you really love rather than being limited to the selection of just one store. All you have to do is add the little “registry button” to your browser’s toolbar and HAPPY SHOPPING! Anyway…this was not meant to turn into a sales pitch for, but it kind of did, and deservingly so I guess. Haha!  Our custom mattress for our odd sized vintage crib just arrived today so I am excited to get that set up in the nursery.  Sam just finished ripping out all the carpet and installing the wood floor and right now (as I type) he is putting in the base board.  Such a good hubby!  We painted the walls a cloud grey, which I looove! All the main components are starting to come together!  But still so much to do.

The babe has been uber active the last few days.  And it’s no longer those quick little kicks and punches anymore.  It feels more like rolls and stretches.  All of a sudden I will look down and there will be a big bulge on my left side that slowly shifts to the right.  I know her growth means less space to move around in my uterus. So her movements are definitely more noticeable now.  She got her first bout of hickups last night too, which was the oddest feeling.  Almost like she was tapping her foot to a beat.  It all gets more real with each passing day. She is about 3 pounds 3 ounces and almost 16 inches long!  I don’t think anyone can mistake my bulge for just a big meal anymore!  To think I will be able to look into her eyes and kiss her face in just 10 shorts weeks….literally makes me cry.  Not that that’s abnormal these days….but  I just can’t wait.  I wonder if she will look like me or like her daddy?  What do you think?  Sam has a twin so I can kind of visualize what a girl version of him might look like :) Pretty cute.  And tomorrow we get to celebrate his first Father’s Day!



OK, honestly!?  How am I supposed to choose just one winner for my giveaway after receiving so many ridiculously kind, creative, encouraging comments!?!  I totally did not see that coming….but I am humbled and thankful for everyone who wrote! Some of you made me tear up!  If only I had 116 of these gift packs to give away! *sigh

A winner will be picked soon! But for now….let’s swoon over Lonely Hearts!



via Studded Hearts

My heart skipped a couple of beats when I saw this summer collection.  If only my belly were not turning into a watermelon….I would want to purchase every single one of these looks!  How amazing is the soft color palate….and the models ash colored hair!!?  L O V E ! !