I’m here, I’m here! Sorry for being MIA the last week or so.  Life has been hectic.  So, first things first.  Baby is just fine! Despite the doctor’s worries that I was not growing big enough….our baby girl is measuring in at 2 pounds and 11 ounces.  Just slightly BIGGER than average for 28 weeks.  Judging from her size, I am scheduled to delivery a bit earlier than my original due date.  I can’t tell you how nervous I was going in to the ultrasound appointment on Friday.  I was worried that she would not be growing right or at the pace she needed to be.  Mainly, my anxiety came from my doctor, who at my last appointment scolded me a bit for not having gained more weight.  She measured me and told me (literally, told me) “You are not giving her the nutrients she needs….you are growing a small baby”.   I felt a bit like she thought I was TRYING to not gain weight or something…and I got that awful feeling like I was doing something wrong.  WELL doctor,  the ultrasound shows that I am actually growing a very normal, healthy sized baby! Errrr.  I know they just have to cover their bases and make sure that the baby is ok, but all the stress and anxiety I have been feeling for weeks was really not needed at all.  I do have to wait a few days for the doctor to get the readings back from the ultrasound and make sure that everything else (developmentally) is also ok…but the main concern from the doctor seemed to be her growth.  And she is growing like a champ.  Praise God.

Also, this weekend began the process of starting my registry.  Good Lord.  If I did not have my sister, I don’t know what I would have done.  Funny enough, it was the first time I ever stepped foot in a Babies’R’Us.  Seriously, it was a whole new world to me, and I had no idea where to start.  I brought around my little checklist and my sister basically just told me everything to buy.  Being a mommy of two babies, she know’s what’s up.  From breast pumps to bottles, blankets to teethers. We were moving along pretty nicely until we came to the strollers and carseats. There were so many options, and so few that I liked.  I decided to look into it  a bit more before making a quick decision.  I am considering the Mutsy Transporter Stroller.  Does anyone have this stroller!?  I need some reviews! Or just a stroller / brand  that you love, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?  Let me know!  Next thing on my list is to sign up for a birthing and breastfeeding class.  I will bring Sam with me to the birthing class, but I think I can handle the breastfeeding class on my own ;)  I still have A LOT to learn.

Last thing….be sure to stop back soon because I am getting together a big ol giveaway (of my own art)…especially for you!  It’s about time I did something like this!

  1. Lara

    Hey Kelli I’m from Brazil and really like your blog :) I was very hapy for you when I saw your preg pictures, you look so happy and cute :D Congratulations! I think that your baby girl will make your work more beautiful than already is, hapiness is a lovely ingredient to everything isn’t it?


  2. Christine

    You and baby are looking great! Darn the doctor for not fully thinking out how to share her thoughts in a way that isn’t accusatory.

    And, I know it’s not essential, but have you heard of Rockabye Baby? If not, check this out: They turn out lullaby versions of rock songs. I’m getting my soon-to-be-a-mama cousin the Weezer album. “In The Garage” as a lullaby beats Twinkle Twinkle any day, I think.

  3. ediot

    so happy to see an update on you and your baby. such exciting times ahead..
    wish you all the best of luck dear. You glow.

  4. Carly

    I am sorry that the Dr. scared you like that… Medical folk can be pretty obnoxious to pregnant gals, or so I have heard from various women. It’s not right. : ( I’m so glad to hear that baby Larson proved her wrong, however!

  5. Jennifer S.

    I love your posts. I also saw you on GWS today! I glanced at the first two pictures of the bridal party and immediately recognized you! Loved the signs you made for the wedding. You do such amazing work.

  6. Katelyn

    I’m so glad the baby is ok! I have some very strong opinions about strollers, but I can say that for the first several months you need a snap and go for the infant carrier. Best thing ever! I got mine on craigslist for $20 and it was hideous but I was sad to give it up when the kids got too big for the infant seats. Also, I believe hell will be a giant babies r’ us that you are stuck in for eternity. I would register at target or some other places as well because that store makes you think you need SO many things for your baby that are not necessary at all. ;)

  7. Michelle

    Hi Kelli, love your site and your art. I’m 24 weeks prego with my second. I’m so sorry your doctor got you all worried! My midwives always say don’t worry about weight gain as long as baby is growing. Sounds like your little one is doing great! And you look awesome!

  8. steffy

    i am SO happy to hear your bebe is okay and actually bigger than average :) and cant WAIT for your art giveaway… me and the bf were actually browsing your store talking about buying a piece when we get some extra $$ :) yes, we are fans! yay!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. Betty Hansen

    Love reading your blog Kell makes me feel closer to you. I will be seeing you hopefully next month! Your baby bump is adorable!! Love you Aunt Betty

  10. Neris

    I just discovered your blog and what is the first thing I see? This post! I LOVE it!!! you look so beautiful and can’t wait to follow you through the rest of your pregnancy! Thanks for sharing! You are beautiful!

    Fashion Fractions

  11. Emma

    OMG! your gonna be such an adorable mum… i’ve said it before but really, u just look so happy! radient even! :D glad she’s growing like a champ!

    Boo to that doctor for stressing you out! not nice at all.




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