OK, so first things first.  I know some of you have been waiting for this so I wanted to announce the winner of the BIG HUGE GIVEAWAY! It was (honestly) the hardest decision ever because there were so many of you I wanted to give this to after reading your comments….but after much contemplation I decided on…MEGAN GARTNER – I think it is wonderful that you are using your art to make a difference in the lives of neglected children.  Thanks for your heart and sacrificial spirit.  You inspire ME! :)  Email me with your address!  And thank you SHANNON WAITE for the beautiful painting!! Email me with your address too! And of course, thanks to everyone else who wrote some of the  most kind words I have ever had shared with me! I was blown away and certainly blessed by all of you this week!

And on to baby news….

The countdown begins.  10 MORE WEEKS! Holy moly. When I think in terms of weeks, it sounds just that much closer! My sister just mailed out all of my invitations for my baby shower next month and I am getting a little giddy about that!  I decided to register with just Babies”R”Us and then sign up with, which I discovered a little while ago while flipping through a pregnancy mag at Borders.  It’s pretty genius.  Basically it let’s you create one universal registry where you can add items from any store, worldwide.  Check it out if you are getting married or having a baby! I love it because it let’s you pick all the things you really love rather than being limited to the selection of just one store. All you have to do is add the little “registry button” to your browser’s toolbar and HAPPY SHOPPING! Anyway…this was not meant to turn into a sales pitch for, but it kind of did, and deservingly so I guess. Haha!  Our custom mattress for our odd sized vintage crib just arrived today so I am excited to get that set up in the nursery.  Sam just finished ripping out all the carpet and installing the wood floor and right now (as I type) he is putting in the base board.  Such a good hubby!  We painted the walls a cloud grey, which I looove! All the main components are starting to come together!  But still so much to do.

The babe has been uber active the last few days.  And it’s no longer those quick little kicks and punches anymore.  It feels more like rolls and stretches.  All of a sudden I will look down and there will be a big bulge on my left side that slowly shifts to the right.  I know her growth means less space to move around in my uterus. So her movements are definitely more noticeable now.  She got her first bout of hickups last night too, which was the oddest feeling.  Almost like she was tapping her foot to a beat.  It all gets more real with each passing day. She is about 3 pounds 3 ounces and almost 16 inches long!  I don’t think anyone can mistake my bulge for just a big meal anymore!  To think I will be able to look into her eyes and kiss her face in just 10 shorts weeks….literally makes me cry.  Not that that’s abnormal these days….but  I just can’t wait.  I wonder if she will look like me or like her daddy?  What do you think?  Sam has a twin so I can kind of visualize what a girl version of him might look like :) Pretty cute.  And tomorrow we get to celebrate his first Father’s Day!


  1. Emma

    I didn’t know that bub’s get hiccups when they are still in you tum! So cute

  2. Carly

    Wow – it’s so close I can’t believe it! You look great, as usual.

    We use for the wedding and I really liked it. However, I will mention that the, er, “older folks” had a very difficult time with it and made sure to let me know. : p

  3. Jennie (McEvoy) Kelly

    Ah! Kelli you are so stinkin cute! i just want to set you on my dresser and smile at you! You are so gorgeous! I love that you are taking pics being prego…i have like NONE of me prego and it’s so sad! our kids will be cousins…maybe your baby will look like me! :) haha i do believe we share some similar it could be possible! haha she will be undoubtedly angelic! praying for you as you get close to delivery and so many life changes!! love you girl!!!! hope to be able to visit again soon!!


  4. kellyhicks

    Awww, this is so exciting for you guys! You have a fun few weeks ahead of you! I’d love to see some pictures of your baby’s nursery when it’s all finished!

  5. Tomi Yoshikawa

    OMG!! You are pregnant!! Congratulations!!
    Your life is such an inspiration to me!!
    Keep up the awesome work & life style!!

    Blessings from Japan:)



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