We love the fair.  It’s actually where Sam and I met for the first time four years ago…so it holds a special place in both of our hearts.  I remember taking one look at him and thinking…”man….i’ve got to get to know this boy”.  I’m sure glad things worked out :)  The Del Mar Fair happens once a year mid-June through the July 4th and brings with it all sorts of nostalgic memories for me.  Sam and I make it a priority to venture back every year, despite feeling a little “too old”.  The food alone is what draws me now.  And fair food while pregnant??….let me tell you, it was a whole new experience!  I didn’t dare try the maple bacon donut I had heard so much about though.  Those sorts of combinations are just not right.  And deep fried BUTTER!?! …..really!??   As we were walking around we kept talking about how we can’t wait until we can enjoy things like this with our baby girl.  It will be just that much more exciting!  I can just see her now, petting the baby goats and laughing at the fat bellied pigs and asking for “more cotton candy please”!  (just like her momma).  Ooooh that will be the day!

I can’t tell you how many photo strips we have like this together.  It’s an overpriced MUST at the fair.  But unfortunately, this was not our best round! haha.  “When does this thing start?”  FLASH.  Oh.

Happy fourth of July weekend! to you!  Aren’t three day weekends the best!? Are you doing anything fun!? I think the beach and a bit of BBQ-ing is in order for us.


  1. Maggie

    Cute! We went last night too, it’s a MUST for us each year ;)
    Did you happen to see the sign for
    “Baby Ruth stuffed Jalapeno Pepper, Fried” ???
    Yeah, I’m not kidding. That goes beyond the deep fried butter, in my opinion ;)

  2. Jen Cairel

    Hi! Newest follower here! :o) I’m a San Diego girl myself & after finding your blog through Jenny May @ The Swede Records, I’ve been missing my hometown every time I look at your page!

    The Del Mar Fair is a staple from my childhood as well. I went every single summer until I officially moved away at 19. Sooo many great memories! Looking at these pictures takes me right back – the sights, the smells, the sounds – I can see, smell & hear it all! :o)

  3. steffy

    i just died. THERE ARE SO CUTE!! i love that photobooth picture! i totally know what you mean about holding a special place… i met my bf on st pattys day 3 yrs ago so every yr we celebrate :)

  4. liz @ bon temps beignet

    We went last night and last thursday… gotta take advantage of the $2 tickets! The food was aaaamazing. I saw the fried butter stand. Yikes. My SIL tried the chocolate cover bacon and said it was pretty horrible. But, the falafels and kettle corn and fried oreos were deee-licious.

    Oh and seeing a (nearly 60 years old) Joan Jett was the icing on the Krispy Kreme donut-chicken sandwich! (I hope you’re not having morning sickness, cuz I am, and just writing that almost made me barf!)

  5. Maddy

    You you look great together! :)

    How do you make your fringe to stay always straight and flawless? :)

  6. Nikki via Days Gone Design

    OK, so you are like amazing. You are so talented! I discovered you from Green Wedding Shoes and your unbelievable wedding post! I checked out your shop and your illustrations and design are impeccable! Love your blog and congrats on your baby girl! My first, also a girl, just celebrated her 1st birthday this past weekend! Time flies. My husband and I we only married a few weeks before we got pregnant! It was fast and suprising and the best thing that has ever happened to us:) You are gonna love it!

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