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Hey friends! First, I want to say thanks to all of you who follow my blog.  I have been extra sensitive these days (ohhh pregnancy!!…a blessing and a curse!).  I’ve put a lot of thought into my purpose in life and what keeps me inspired and hopeful.  I’ve realized one of those things is YOU.  It is so amazing to have a community of people to talk and share with on a consistant basis.  Your continuous kind words and encouragement here on this little blog really motivate me to keep creating and keep persuing my dreams.  So really, I just wanted so say a big sappy THANKS for taking an interest in my life and for encouraging me daily.  I truely appreciate it.

And in honor of that, I wanted to do A BIG HUGE GIVEAWAY of my art…to one of you!

A lot of loot right!? I was feeling generous. So my gift to you will include:

1.  8X10 Wishing Print / 2. OH HELLO Mini Notecards with Envelopes / 3.  8X10 Fancy Living Print / 4. Winter Dreams Magnet Set (3) / 4.  11X14 My Beloved Print / 5. Rooted in Love Card Set / 6. Jedidiah All Dolled Up T-Shirt – M



1. Follow my blog.

(and if the little gadget on the side says “configured incorrectly”…just go to the very top left of the page and click “BLOG” again to see all my posts and it will allow you to press “FOLLOW” on the sidebar. Not sure why it does that?)

2. Comment on this post as to WHY YOU SHOULD WIN! Get creative.

**Extra entries for sharing this giveaway via Twitter/Facebook/Blog!  Or for “liking” JEDIDIAH or ME on Facebook! (Let me know about it!)

Giveaway ends on Friday June 17th at 11PM and a winner will be picked on Saturday morning!! I wish I could give it to everyone who enters!! But there will only be one lucky lady (or guy if there are any of you that read my blog! haha)

Thanks again to all of you! You make my life just that much sweeter. xoxo -Kelli



I’m here, I’m here! Sorry for being MIA the last week or so.  Life has been hectic.  So, first things first.  Baby is just fine! Despite the doctor’s worries that I was not growing big enough….our baby girl is measuring in at 2 pounds and 11 ounces.  Just slightly BIGGER than average for 28 weeks.  Judging from her size, I am scheduled to delivery a bit earlier than my original due date.  I can’t tell you how nervous I was going in to the ultrasound appointment on Friday.  I was worried that she would not be growing right or at the pace she needed to be.  Mainly, my anxiety came from my doctor, who at my last appointment scolded me a bit for not having gained more weight.  She measured me and told me (literally, told me) “You are not giving her the nutrients she needs….you are growing a small baby”.   I felt a bit like she thought I was TRYING to not gain weight or something…and I got that awful feeling like I was doing something wrong.  WELL doctor,  the ultrasound shows that I am actually growing a very normal, healthy sized baby! Errrr.  I know they just have to cover their bases and make sure that the baby is ok, but all the stress and anxiety I have been feeling for weeks was really not needed at all.  I do have to wait a few days for the doctor to get the readings back from the ultrasound and make sure that everything else (developmentally) is also ok…but the main concern from the doctor seemed to be her growth.  And she is growing like a champ.  Praise God.

Also, this weekend began the process of starting my registry.  Good Lord.  If I did not have my sister, I don’t know what I would have done.  Funny enough, it was the first time I ever stepped foot in a Babies’R’Us.  Seriously, it was a whole new world to me, and I had no idea where to start.  I brought around my little checklist and my sister basically just told me everything to buy.  Being a mommy of two babies, she know’s what’s up.  From breast pumps to bottles, blankets to teethers. We were moving along pretty nicely until we came to the strollers and carseats. There were so many options, and so few that I liked.  I decided to look into it  a bit more before making a quick decision.  I am considering the Mutsy Transporter Stroller.  Does anyone have this stroller!?  I need some reviews! Or just a stroller / brand  that you love, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?  Let me know!  Next thing on my list is to sign up for a birthing and breastfeeding class.  I will bring Sam with me to the birthing class, but I think I can handle the breastfeeding class on my own ;)  I still have A LOT to learn.

Last thing….be sure to stop back soon because I am getting together a big ol giveaway (of my own art)…especially for you!  It’s about time I did something like this!