I read this quote the other day and decided to make it my motto:

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough”


It’s so easy to WANT isn’t it?  I wish I had more money, or better clothes, or a bigger house, or longer legs, or a softer mattress (true!).  Wanting, complaining, and comparing comes so naturally!  Why is it so much harder to just be thankful?  When I step back and see all the things my life is blessed with, I realize life has been pretty good to me.  And really, the things I like to complain about are so insignificant in the bigger picture.  Yes, life comes with it’s up and downs…confidence and worries….strengths and insecurities. But to have a home to live in and an incredible husband by my side and little baby girl on the way….there is much to find joy in these days, and I am filled with gratitude.


Dip Dye Skirt – Anthropologie, Printed silk top – Vintage, Necklace – Vintage (gifted)

This lemon-lime and tomato red has got to be one of my favorite summer color combos.  This skirt is the most comfortable thing I own at the moment and allows some breathing room for my big ol belly.  I found this top probably five years ago at a thrift store and have only worn it once before.  Why not bust out the crop top again while I’m pregnant? Haha! I would have never guessed, but I liked it paired with the length of the skirt and my “belly accessory”.  I am in fact quite proud to be a soon-to-be momma!  My silver necklace was gifted to me by my sweet sister in law, Hannah, who found it on one of her thrifting sprees (she lives in Boulder, CO and is actually just a month behind me in her first pregnancy!).  She owns / runs an online vintage store on Etsy called RUBY SUE VINTAGE.  Be sure to stop by.  It is full of great odds and ends for your home.  Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Liz

    Praying that I am blessed with this kind of beauty and style when I’m pregnant someday! You are absolutely gorgeous and have the greatest sense of fashion!!

  2. Kyleen

    omg best prego outfit ever…even un-prego :) anyways, i MUST borrow that skirt, i am in LOOOOVE!

  3. Elanor

    I was just talking about this subject last night… that’s a beautiful quote. People need to keep in mind how blessed they are!

    and gosh, you’re adorable.
    love the colors and the flowy-ness of your outfit.

  4. jenni wells

    It really important to step back and realize what is really important. You are very lucky!

    You look so beautiful. Your silk top is gorgeous and works perfectly with that skirt.

  5. April

    rock that belly!
    i love your top and especially your haaair. please do a mini tutorial on this hairstyle

  6. Luiza

    Hey, beautiful. You are so inspiring! Pretty and so talent. And fashion! I found your blog this week and looove it. Just a question. Even during the pregnancy are you painting your hair? And as April asks, I want too a tutorial with your hairstyle, pleeeease! I really want put mine like yours. XoXo

  7. Tracy

    I think you are AMAZING! Came across your pics on Look Book, and now this blog is my favorite! Keep up the amazing work!

  8. Katie

    Gratitude is such a powerful tool – it really changes your life perspective. In an exercise to make thankfulness an inbuilt response I have started a 365 days of grateful blog where I take a photo of one thing I am thankful for everyday. I am loving it! You can check it out here http://www.flickr.com/photos/katiesaysthanks/

    I’d definitely encourage everyone to do it – such an eye opener!

    Love your blog!!




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