Accessories : baby bump / Black hat – ASOS / Belt – Anthropologie / Tights – J.Crew
Blouse – BP / Black Slip Dress – American Apparel

The weekend is almost here!! I can’t tell you how excited I get for weekends to come around now!  Mostly because it means I am one week closer to meeting Rylee, but also because it means I can RELAX and not work.  I think I am finally getting to the point where I am a little uncomfortable and unmotivated there.  All I want to do is finish her nursery and buy her all the things I still have left on my checklist.  Which is another reason why weekends are awesome….because I can actually think about those things!

Sam and I got to see Rylee one last time this morning (at my last ultrasound appointment) before her delivery! Again, she is proving everyone wrong and is right on track in growth…measuring in at about 6 pounds already!! I was so shocked when the doctor told me she was that big! I was expecting 5 or a little less right now.  I guess that just means I’ll have a big baby (or bigger than I thought I would have)….OR she could come early! Who knows! I am just so happy she is chunking up!  From the looks of the pictures,  she has mommy’s nose and daddy’s lips!  And in other news, I just got a disk full of pictures from my sweet friend Erica that she took at my baby shower! I am going to riffle through them and will post some soon!


  1. Carina

    I love that you dress so well even though you are pregnant. I hope that one day, when I am lucky enough to have a baby I remain as inspired and motivated as you. Also you are beautiful…what a lucky baby girl :-)

  2. grace

    in the top photo…I thought it was old OR you had had the baby…you look SO amazing period..not even ‘for being pregnant’

    keep on growing the little girl!!!

  3. Gülsah

    I am very excited to see the photos of your baby shower :-)
    Kelli, you are beautiful! Hope you will have a nice weekend to prepare Rylee’s nursery. Keep smiling

  4. Ilana

    Gosh Kelli you look INCREDIBLE!! I cannot wait to see pictures of her nursery, with your creativity I know it’s just going to look like a dream for the little one :)

    Enjoy these last weeks of somewhat relaxing! :) x

  5. kelly ann

    Rylee is such a sweet name, and I LOVE the spelling of it.

    I totally agree with ^Lauren… you are such a beautiful pregnant woman! <3

  6. Jori

    Your style is so inspirational, Kelli! What is BP? ;) <—naive, I know. I only have a few stores I shop at and need a little help…obviously!

  7. Lúcia

    you look so cute! in the first picture you don’t even look pregnant. although I love when you show it off this is a really nice look.
    Good luck with everthing!

  8. Morgan (Born of the Sea)

    this is such an aodrable look! and It’s crazy from the front you can’t even tell you have a baby bump because of the print. I love everything about this outfit, especially the blouse!

    Oh also, I shared a link to your etsy on my blog because I am in love with your prints. Feel free to stop by!

    -Morgan ( Born of the Sea ) <–my blog

  9. Despina

    What a cute outfit!u look very beautiful dear.i saw your post above and the photos with your beautiful belly they’re so amazing.i am following you cos i like your style and your blog.follow back if u want dear.


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