What a special day! My baby shower kind of felt like my bridal shower all over again….only  2 years later and celebrating a whole new chapter in my life! My mom and sisters planned out the whole day for me and I must say, they really out did themselves!  The food & desserts, the decoration & detail, the people who filled the room!! It is just what I wanted.  There was so much love surrounding me and so many people encouraging me in this journey.  Days like this I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the people in my life.  Rylee is going to be one loved baby girl.

I couldn’t help but contribute to the “stationary” for the shower, as that is what I live for! Not entirely, but I refused to pass up the opportunity to create a cute baby invite, especially when it was my own baby we were talking about!  I’ll post more on the invite later….but I created matching game sheets, food labels and raffle cards to go along with the “baby bunny” theme.  And my sister printed out tiny little round labels with the bunny illustration to put on all the pink cupcakes! So cute.  And those mason jars tied with vintage floral ribbon!?? LOVE.  That was all my mom!

Lunch was my favorite! Crackers with brie and apricots, walnut chicken salad on croissants, berry spinach salad, and fresh fruit. YUM!!  I could eat this every day and be happy!

Everyone who brought a pack of diapers to the shower got their name entered in a raffle to win one of my prints.  THIS PRINT in fact. My friend Anna won.  SO fitting because she just had a baby girl herself and she already has it up in the nursery! Yay!

Rylee has quite the wardrobe started already! She definitely has more shoes than her dad, however she has not surpassed her mom yet ;) …..YET!

Some of the most amazing girls I know.

My mom and sisters! Who planned this whole day for me!

And this is Erica, the one responsible for all these pretty pictures!  She is amazing, and so are her photographs. (even more of these can be found on her BLOG) Also, check out her website:


Thanks Erica for capturing this special day for me! Love you BIG!


  1. Kerti

    Oh goodness, what a precious post. I’m so happy for your whole family! :)

    And I must say – you look absolutely stunning!

  2. Jennifer S.

    Wow. Really, really gorgeous. I love all of your designs. The whole shower looks lovely.

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  3. Ilana

    Goodness me, this looks absolutely incredible!!!!! How lovely to have showered you with such a beautiful day :) I need to archive this post and flick it on to my friends when I one day have a little bubs!

    You look as beautiful as ever Kelli! :)


  4. Crystal

    Lovely and blessed Kelli. I love the shots of you, your mom an your sisters praying for Rylee and being together. Must say that dress is awesome…where did you get it?

    Shouldn’t be long now…baby just around the corner. You should make a birthday pool


  5. stacey

    that is the cutest stationary, the jam jars are so sweet! we don’t really do baby showers in the UK it looks like so much fun and I really love your dress so pretty xx

  6. Ashley Sisk

    I just got my copy of Artful Blogging and was so inspired by your article. Your work is so creative and you’re the cutest pregnant lady! Your mom and sister really outdid themselves. Congratulations on your baby and I look forward to seeing where you creativity takes you!

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