Countdown is on!  10 days(ish) until I get to meet my baby girl!  My hospital bag is packed and the car seat is installed!  It’s so surreal to think that I could really go into labor any day now.  As much as i’d love for Rylee to come early…I am not banking on it because I think I would go crazy that way!  I suppose it’s better to plan on her coming late, and if she does decide to come early, it will be a welcomed surprise.  I thought for so long she’d be an early baby, but the closer I get….the more I think she might be right on time.  10 DAYS!!! Can you believe it!??  Time just flew.  I can’t wait to show you pictures of her room.  I am still working on finishing it up, but I really do love it already.  I will be spending LOTS of time in there, so I wanted to make it something special, and soothing, and comfortable, for the both of us.  Although I was pretty bummed when I found out yesterday that my crib bedding will still be another 3 weeks before it is shipped (it’s already been over a month!)  I guess the store I bought it from had some problems with the supplier and blah blah blah.  I know she won’t be using it for a while anyway (she will be by my side in her bassinet for a couple months I’m sure)….but when I want to finish something….I want to FINISH it! And there is no way a nursery is complete without crib bedding! Anyway, rant complete.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and encouraging words over the last few months!  It’s been a huge blessing to me.  Life is certainly taking a new turn for Sam and I.  And I don’t think parenthood is something you can ever be fully prepared for.  It’s something I’m sure we will struggle with, get better at, and learn along the way….and hopefully be the best we can possibly be for this baby we created.  We are excited for this new chapter and for the growth of our little family.  We have always dreamed of having babies and raising them together and loving on them and building our own traditions as a family.  This just feels like step one in that process, and I can’t wait for what lies ahead.  I get tears in my eyes when I think about Sam holding Rylee for the first time and what an incredible daddy he will be.  Gahh, I need a tissue!  Our lives will change completely in just a matter of days.

And speaking of lives changing….I don’t think this guy knows what’s coming! haha. Don’t you just love his grumpy face!?

  1. Weronika

    10 days how exciting!!! So happy for you both and can’t wait to meet the little miss, let’s hope she’s right on time! ;)

  2. cathryn

    Just want to send the best of luck to the both of you!!! Hope the birth goes well, and looking forward to seeing photos of the nursery :)

  3. stacey

    omg can’t believe it has come around so quickly 10 days! your baby bump is big but very cute I don’t think anyone can say you don’t look pregnant now! I hope the birth goes well (I know it will) I really can’t wait to see the nursery and your beautiful daughter best of luck xxx

  4. Rania

    I am so happy you for! 10 days is so close and I’m so excited to see the baby girl and her nursery. I hope that the delivery goes well, and that the recovery goes well as well. I know so many people are praying for baby Rylee and you all as well, and they will support and give you so much love. Can’t wait until you get back to blogging. x

  5. Meli

    You are SO teeny tiny…and oh so cute! I think I – no, I have never been that thin, but I think MY BABY BUMP may have looked that size when I was like 22, maybe 23 weeks!?!?! Ha. Good luck to you….sam…and miss rylee!!!!! And the guy, hang in there.

  6. Kathrine

    Best of luck. I remember starting following your blog/site like 1 day before you announced you were pregnant. And now it’s almost time. Amazing!

  7. liz @ bon temps beignet

    I’m so excited for you!! And I seriously can’t wait to see her room. I’m just 18 weeks along bet that my bump will catch up with yours sooner than I’d like. You look awesome!

  8. Ilana

    Haha I love your face in that last photo!!! And oh kitty will fall in love with her too I am sure :) WOW 10 days! I cannot believe it, it really feels like the time has flown! Enjoy your last week of being just the two of you (well….add all the pets in as well!).

    Oh and I cannot WAIT to see the nursery!!!! I know it’s going to look AMAZING so pretty darn excited :)

  9. Suzen

    Yep, you are definitely pregnant and in the most lovely way!! Wishing you and Sam a beautiful birth experience. And as for Bam…all I can tell you is my daughter had her cat for quite a few years before Ava came along. At first, Ciro didn’t think much about it, but now he is her best friend and protector. It’s the cutest thing to see. Good luck to you!

  10. Jennifer

    My daugther, Maddie, and I just discovered your website/blog thanks to Artful Blogging. Maddie is 12 & very inspired by your fashion sense & illustrations (as am I). Wishing you all the best for the birth of your baby girl!

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