Last month I was honored to be featured in the Autumn Issue of ARTFUL BLOGGING MAGAZINE by Stampington & Company.  It’s an inspiring mag that showcases various art blogs from across the internet.  It’s chalk full of creative ideas and inspiring stories….and when I was asked to be a part of it….I was more than excited!  Thanks to everyone who saw the write up and sent emails of encouragement.

Below are the pages from the interview.


  1. Nikki via Days Gone Design

    Super sweet and so inspiring! I love your work. It’s so refreshing to hear you talk about blogging for yourself, sort of. I know you said your viewers motivate you to keep it going, but all in all, you blog about things you love. Not what you think people want to see. I think that’s the way to do it. If your heart is in it – which it shows – people will love it. I’ve learned a lot from you. Blogging is something I have tried at and just can’t get the hang of it. Perhaps I over-think it. LOVE all your work!

  2. Hanna

    I was just browsing the magazine section at Chapters when I came across Artful Blogging and I thought it sounded interesting, seeing as I just started at blog. When I opened the magazine I saw the page with your painting of you and your cat and I knew I had to visit your website. I have been checking in regualrily ever since. Thanks for keeping me inspired and exposing me to such a wonderful community of bloggers and artists. :)

  3. LoveFeast Table

    You know you inspire us!! We were thrilled to find you were blogging on top of creating at Jedidiah. Your corner of the internet is always beautiful, kind, creative, colorful and always a source of joy.
    Congrats on your spread in Artful Blogging!
    At the table,
    Chris Ann & Kristin

  4. Ashley

    This is how I heard of your blog! Congrats, that is such a gorgeous magazine to be featured in. your blog was my favorite, by far.

  5. Ren

    Congrats Kelli! Can you please draw a picture of your precious little pumpkin?? I wanna seeee!

  6. Jennie (McEvoy) Kelly

    Awesome Kelli….this is seriously amazing. what a gift God has given you. shine bright for Him

  7. Julia G

    You never cease to amaze me and I love the way you have been so blessed with creativity AND that you’ve found a way to serve your gift to the world. Go girl go!!

  8. Astrid

    I just read your article in Artful Blogging today at Barnes and Nobles! I love your artwork and your fashion sense is amazing too! Definitely adding your website as one of my bookmarks.

  9. kate

    About two weeks ago i bought artful blogging aug/sep/oct and i found your blog through there. I have to say, i love your blog!! its so very inspiring!
    I now see that you had your little one aswell! Congratulations !:)

    So glad i’ve found your blog! :)




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