ONE MONTH!!?? Really….one month already!?

My how time flies!  This little squirt is growing like a weed and occupying ALL of my time. Literally, all of it.  But I am loving every minute I get to spend with her.  Life has turned upside down.  Nothing is the same as what it used to be and time is certainly not my own anymore….but it doesn’t even matter.  All I know is that I love this little girl more than anything.  And although I am still trying to adjust to this “new life”…..I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  Happy one month birthday to my Rylee-bean!  She is changing everyday.  Every picture I take she seems to look a little different.  Some days I think…”hmmm….you look like me”.  And others, she is a spitting image of her father.  Today, I looked at her and saw my grandpa….but I won’t tell her that!  I wonder who she will look like tomorrow!?

Surprisingly, Rylee still is wearing her newborn outfits (if onesies even count as “outfits”).  Her 0-3 month clothes are still so big on her.  I can’t wait until she is chunks up enough to fit in all the clothes I have stock piled!  Then the real fun will begin!  Dressing her is even more fun than dressing myself!  Who knew.

One of my favorite baby shops i’ve found online is called MAKIE, whose brick and mortar shop is in New York.  How cute are the coordinate’s!?  I ordered the grey smocked top that Rylee is wearing in the pics above from there.  So in love with it….and really everything else for that matter!

I also wanted to introduce you to m.o.m (where I bought Rylee’s sweet little braided headband)

It’s a small little workshop + store in downtown Encinitas just oozing with creativity.  m.o.m started years ago with a request for aprons for little girls. Now they offer tops and bottoms for girls and boys, plus accessories -which are made with fabric scraps from the clothing.  It is one of those stores that instantly give you a good feeling the  minute you walk in….everything is made  uniquely with such care and detail and love.  I am such a sucker for stores like this.  If you live anywhere near Encinitas, pop in sometime and tell them Kelli sent you! :)

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  1. Jessica Mitchell

    we just discovered m.o.m. this past weekend while we were down in encinitas! i just fell in love with the bloom bracelets. rylee is beautiful. i have to say that i only see you in her.

  2. Jen Cairel

    Very cute! I agree dressing little girls is way more fun than ourselves! I have two nieces & I squeal just about every time I see baby girl clothing cuteness.

  3. Noell

    It’s so like that for my daughter, too! She can make one facial expression and I see my mom. Then a minute later it’s my husband’s mom. Then it’s my husband’s GRANDMA (my daughter’s GREAT grandma)! Really does blow me away.

    BTW, I love your daughter’s darling little outfit! :)

  4. Melanie

    Very cute pics of Rylee! She looks a lot like you. Have you ever considered to a Q&A for your blog? I’m sure a lot of readers have questions for you, and it would be cool to be able to ask you some questions. Sounds like you are enjoying motherhood!

  5. Susanna

    hey kelli! i stumbled across your blog & have had so much fun marveling at your artwork & looking at your archives…you are so inspiring and i love that you share it with the world! Congratulations on your precious babe! I am due Oct. 7 and cannot WAIT for my little bambino to arrive…anyway, just wanted to say hi and i love all your loveliness on your blog/site!!


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