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I have always loved black….but rarely do I wear it from head to toe in fear of looking goth.  In spirit of Halloween however, I thought it appropriate.  And yes, I do in fact look goth, but I am ok with that for the moment.  How great are capes!?  They are everywhere right now.  I have to restrain myself from buying every one I see. I love them structured and buckled…like THIS ONE and THIS ONE.  But oversized and knit are equally as droolworthy….like THIS ONE and THIS ONE. *sigh

So…tell me, how old is too old to dress up for Halloween?  Have I reached that age?  Say it ain’t so.  I have been busy sewing up Rylee’s Halloween costume.  Here is a SNEAK PEAK.  I must say it had been FAR too long since I busted out the ‘ol sewing machine.  I forgot how much fun I have creating things! And it’s even better when what I am making is itty bitty.  Half the time to construct and triple the cuteness!  I see a possible baby etsy store in my future! Anyway, I whipped together a quick costume for me while I was at it, but then became a little self conscious that maybe I am a mom now and I should leave the costumes to the “kids”! Ugh.  I just can’t help but think how cute a family photo of all of us dressed as “cave people” would be! haha. I don’t know what else to call us.  But we will all be in animal print, unless someone (husband) is a party pooper.  Stay posted!

Happy Halloween everyone!



What’s October without a visit to the pumpkin patch? Last weekend was our official Fall kickoff.  We bundled up and headed to Julian to visit the pumpkin patch and get some apple pie.  It”s kind of tradition with our family, and I want to keep it going.  There is something about the “countryside” that I think is just beautiful.  The expanse of green and the rolling hills….no big buildings blocking the view or smog clouding our way.  Looking out the window on the car ride up is half the fun (unless you are my mom and those winding roads make you sick).  When we got to the pumpkin patch the temperature had risen to 90 degrees! So much for our scarves and beanies!  The weather report was just slightly off predicting low 60’s.   Oh well.  We were a little warm but at least we looked cute. Ha! Rylee was such a trooper.  It’s fun capturing life with her now a part of it.  Everything is just better with a little one to share it with.  Every week comes new “firsts”….and I don’t want to miss a thing.  Monday will be her first Halloween, then will come her first Thanksgiving, and then her first Christmas!!  I’ve never been more excited for the holidays! I’m already wanting to make Rylee a custom stocking with her name stitched on.  Am I crazy? Maybe a little.

I stumbled upon this drawing by one of my favorite artists, Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier.  I thought it fitting for this post. Just perfect.  You can see more of her incredible work HERE.  Browsing her site I was more inspired than ever to pick up my sketch pad and get to drawing again.  I have missed creating art just to create it.  With no purpose other than to draw for the love of it.  Time is a funny thing with a baby in the mix….but I do know I want to find a way to fit in more time for my personal art than I have been allowing.  Life is a game of balance isn’t it?  I’m not sure I will ever get it just RIGHT…..but I know it can get BETTER!


Ha! That last photo kills me! So last week a heat wave came through San Diego and I thought I’d better bust out Rylee’s itty bitty bathing suit and take her to the pool before the Fall cold really set in.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  Rylee loved dipping her toes in the water.  I think she is going to be a water baby just like my sisters and I were growing up.  My mom taught us all how to swim about the same time we learned to walk.  I think i’ll do the same with Ry if she takes a liking to it.  I really can’t get enough of that round little belly in a swimming suit.  She is turning into quite the little chunker!  I’m looking forward to next summer when she and I can go down to the beach, play in the waves and watch dad surf!

Shirt – F21 / Skirt – Thrifted / Shoes – Steve Madden / Hat & Bag – UO

Polka dot’s and candy corn….two of my fav’s! What does this look have to do with candy corn you ask?  Nothing really.  I just have a pile of them sitting here on my desk and these images kind of match them. Ha!  Don’t you just LOVE October and the plethora of candy in the stores and the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbuck’s!?  Yummmm!  I always say how I can’t wait for Summer to arrive because I am such a sunshine girl….but then again….there is something about the return of Fall that brings an excitement and energy back to me.  Maybe it’s just knowing that the holidays are right around the corner  (the good ones at least) and all the get-together’s with family and friends soon to come.  Next weekend we rendezvous to Julian for apple pie and cinnamon ice cream and a visit to the pumpkin patch with Rylee.  I can’t wait to dress her up for her first halloween.  I think I am going to sew her up a Pebble’s-esk cave baby costume and a little something for me to match.  If i’m lucky, Sam will join in on the fun too! Haha.  I won’t hold my breath.

Happy Monday everyone!