Last weekend the fam and I headed out to a little local carnival to celebrate Oktoberfest.  We skipped the booze (Rylee is under age) but chowed down on some bratwurst’s and caramel apple’s.  Shame on me for not getting pics of the festivities….but at least we snapped these before we left.  Finally, a few pics of me and my baby girl! I have about a thousand of Rylee….but since it is me always taking the pictures….I never have any of the two of us.  I looooove that it is finally feeling like Fall here in San Diego!  We are planning a trip to the pumpkin patch for next weekend!  I can’t wait!  It’s funny how we are so much more excited to do things like festival’s and the pumpkin patch now that we have a baby.  She still has no idea what is going on, but holidays are automatically more exciting now.  Anyway, it rained here last night and it was the first time since last winter that we made a fire! Can’t get much better than sitting in front of a fire with hot cocoa, your husband and a sweet sleeping baby in your arms.


  1. Natalie Fielding

    Oh my goodness I never realized how absolutely tiny she is! It’s amazing! You are all looking so great. Happy Oktoberfest! (Minus the booze of course)…

  2. ___wanda____

    Funny you’re celebrating Oktoberfest in San Diego :-)
    Greetings from Germany and happy Oktoberfest ;-)

  3. kate

    What kind of witchery is this?! You already look as slim as you did prior to having Rylee :)! Stunning. Beautiful photos, you’ll treasure these for sure

  4. Anna @ IHOD

    Oh my goodness, your little one is precious!
    Its things like fall festivals that become ten times more fun when you have a little family:) Enjoy your weekend!



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