{ Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell / Hat – Vintage / Sunglasses – Karen Walker / Shirt – UO / Shorts – F21 }

I’ve missed doing my lookbook posts!  I’m going to try to keep up with them a bit more  like I used to.  Somehow with Rylee, I just don’t “dress up” as often as I used to. I think it’s because we are home all day together (and honestly, nothing beats pajamas)….but hopefully we won’t be such homebodie’s in the not so distant future.  I think we are ready for more mother – daughter outings.  Dressing HER up has taken priority….but i’ve got to start getting MY act together again!

I wore  these shoes when I went out to lunch with my sister, her kids and my best friend (who is due to give birth any day now!).  As I was taking Rylee out of the car in her carseat an old man looked at me laughing and said “My…what tall shoes you have on!!” And then I proceeded to see every head turn to look at me as I walked into the restaurant.  I guess you are not supposed to wear shoes so tall when you are a mom….oops! My mistake.  It will be sure to happen again. Ha!  Sorry folks.  It’s just who I am.




  1. Crystal

    you can where whatever you want to as a mom. It is important to maintain who you are and wearing heels doesn’t make you a bad mom…it makes you a fashionable awesome one

  2. Brooklyn


    Keep donning the tall shoes. I still wear heels–I’m nearly 6 feet tall and a mom…double whammy…if it’s who you are, keep owning it like you do and your kids will thank you for being HAPPY and perfectly you. And, it will give little Rylee freedom to be perfectly her. Don’t worry, you’ll be look booking like you use to in no time. No rush…you’ll keep shining through whatever comes! <3

  3. Hormonya

    You look like a beautiful hip young mom I love your style.
    You are actually one of the people who motivated me to start my own blog. I was introduced to you via the artful blogging magazine, and I right away went to visit your website I love your victorian style art and I was curious to know if the baby was born.

    Continue to be yourself !

    Friendship from Canada


  4. ilene

    just discovered your blog and your shop via Kelly Ann! love this outfit, but esp. mesmerized by your artwork. thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Jen Cairel

    I love seeing moms in sky high heels & fashionable outfits! Don’t let the fashionista die because you have a little one. Anyone who can balance a bag & a baby in stilettos is a super star in my book!

  6. Amanda

    Amen to that! Who says moms can’t dress cute?? You can take my free time, my figure, and my sleep….but you can’t have my shoes!! :)

  7. hecatewu

    Would you like a cartoon above, what shape is to use the program to the system to do



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