Shirt – F21 / Skirt – Thrifted / Shoes – Steve Madden / Hat & Bag – UO

Polka dot’s and candy corn….two of my fav’s! What does this look have to do with candy corn you ask?  Nothing really.  I just have a pile of them sitting here on my desk and these images kind of match them. Ha!  Don’t you just LOVE October and the plethora of candy in the stores and the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbuck’s!?  Yummmm!  I always say how I can’t wait for Summer to arrive because I am such a sunshine girl….but then again….there is something about the return of Fall that brings an excitement and energy back to me.  Maybe it’s just knowing that the holidays are right around the corner  (the good ones at least) and all the get-together’s with family and friends soon to come.  Next weekend we rendezvous to Julian for apple pie and cinnamon ice cream and a visit to the pumpkin patch with Rylee.  I can’t wait to dress her up for her first halloween.  I think I am going to sew her up a Pebble’s-esk cave baby costume and a little something for me to match.  If i’m lucky, Sam will join in on the fun too! Haha.  I won’t hold my breath.

Happy Monday everyone!




  1. ediot

    oh so pretty! love the hair
    adore the outfit. and you are super fit! hope you’re enjoying your time with the little one ;)

  2. Christen

    cuteness! love the color of that shirt on you.

    and a homemade pebbles-cave-baby costume would be adorable! and a girl i know sewed up a SUPER easy wilma flinstone costume. it would be doable for sure ;)

  3. Jen Cairel

    I’m in love with that skirt! I got all excited at first cuz I thought you said it was from F21, not the shirt. Oh well…great thrifting find!

    That would THE cutest idea for family Halloween costumes. C’mon Sam! :o)

  4. Karen

    Found you via artful blogging:) Love how you can take an outfit and do an illustration that captures it so well…will you do that with your little girl too?

  5. Susanna

    i literally have to keep the candy corn out of reach…i get a little TOO excited about it, lol :)

    LOVE the outfit…especially the skirt…someday i’ll get my cute legs back and rock one of those!


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