Ha! That last photo kills me! So last week a heat wave came through San Diego and I thought I’d better bust out Rylee’s itty bitty bathing suit and take her to the pool before the Fall cold really set in.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  Rylee loved dipping her toes in the water.  I think she is going to be a water baby just like my sisters and I were growing up.  My mom taught us all how to swim about the same time we learned to walk.  I think i’ll do the same with Ry if she takes a liking to it.  I really can’t get enough of that round little belly in a swimming suit.  She is turning into quite the little chunker!  I’m looking forward to next summer when she and I can go down to the beach, play in the waves and watch dad surf!


  1. Jennie (McEvoy) Kelly

    Her swimsuit is amazing! what’s even more amazing???? your hot body! love you kell!

  2. Nichole

    Your daughter is so precious!

    I constantly ask you editing questions! But I haven’t really been interested in it until recently. I love the “taped” collages. What program do you typically use to create that look?

  3. Liz

    Oh my goodness she is SO cute. Also? You have got to have the most in-shape post pregnancy bod ever! I’m not even pregnant/a mom & I want your workout secrets lol.

  4. Woodbury

    Oh Rylee you are too precious! I hear you have a really cute halloween costume and think you should stop in the office for some trick-or- treating this week:)

  5. Jes

    I love seeing pictures of your family!
    But how in the work did you give birth 2 months ago and look like that now!? Very envious haha


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