What’s October without a visit to the pumpkin patch? Last weekend was our official Fall kickoff.  We bundled up and headed to Julian to visit the pumpkin patch and get some apple pie.  It”s kind of tradition with our family, and I want to keep it going.  There is something about the “countryside” that I think is just beautiful.  The expanse of green and the rolling hills….no big buildings blocking the view or smog clouding our way.  Looking out the window on the car ride up is half the fun (unless you are my mom and those winding roads make you sick).  When we got to the pumpkin patch the temperature had risen to 90 degrees! So much for our scarves and beanies!  The weather report was just slightly off predicting low 60’s.   Oh well.  We were a little warm but at least we looked cute. Ha! Rylee was such a trooper.  It’s fun capturing life with her now a part of it.  Everything is just better with a little one to share it with.  Every week comes new “firsts”….and I don’t want to miss a thing.  Monday will be her first Halloween, then will come her first Thanksgiving, and then her first Christmas!!  I’ve never been more excited for the holidays! I’m already wanting to make Rylee a custom stocking with her name stitched on.  Am I crazy? Maybe a little.

I stumbled upon this drawing by one of my favorite artists, Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier.  I thought it fitting for this post. Just perfect.  You can see more of her incredible work HERE.  Browsing her site I was more inspired than ever to pick up my sketch pad and get to drawing again.  I have missed creating art just to create it.  With no purpose other than to draw for the love of it.  Time is a funny thing with a baby in the mix….but I do know I want to find a way to fit in more time for my personal art than I have been allowing.  Life is a game of balance isn’t it?  I’m not sure I will ever get it just RIGHT…..but I know it can get BETTER!


  1. cathryn

    I can just say right now, that American’s know how to do a pumpkin patch!! I wish we had things like this in England!!

  2. explore.dream.discover.

    that last family photo is such a great one! definitely a framer! living in Amsterdam there aren’t any pumpkin patches here and it kills me! One of my favorite things to do every fall was go to the pumpkin patch, go through the corn maze, drink yummy beer and eat some corn on the cobb. Sigh! But there will be plenty of time for that when we move back to the states :)

  3. Carly

    When can I start commissioning stockings from you? Ha. I was just thinking that we need some. And also that I am in no way fit to make them.

    Great photos – too funny that it got so warm, could have fooled me!

  4. krystie

    adorable pics. I am in love with your sweater and i need it in my life- could you tell a gal where you got it?! :)
    big fan of rylees beanie too, she looks sooo cute in it!
    x krystie

  5. Jennifer

    Oh my goodness –

    I am in love with your scarf/cowl and with Rylees beanie – someone must have made them for you!!! Or… if you by chance bought them – would you share your source??? I just love them and would love to either purchase them or whip some up on the knitting needles for myself… Thanks for the Joy!!!


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