I have always loved black….but rarely do I wear it from head to toe in fear of looking goth.  In spirit of Halloween however, I thought it appropriate.  And yes, I do in fact look goth, but I am ok with that for the moment.  How great are capes!?  They are everywhere right now.  I have to restrain myself from buying every one I see. I love them structured and buckled…like THIS ONE and THIS ONE.  But oversized and knit are equally as droolworthy….like THIS ONE and THIS ONE. *sigh

So…tell me, how old is too old to dress up for Halloween?  Have I reached that age?  Say it ain’t so.  I have been busy sewing up Rylee’s Halloween costume.  Here is a SNEAK PEAK.  I must say it had been FAR too long since I busted out the ‘ol sewing machine.  I forgot how much fun I have creating things! And it’s even better when what I am making is itty bitty.  Half the time to construct and triple the cuteness!  I see a possible baby etsy store in my future! Anyway, I whipped together a quick costume for me while I was at it, but then became a little self conscious that maybe I am a mom now and I should leave the costumes to the “kids”! Ugh.  I just can’t help but think how cute a family photo of all of us dressed as “cave people” would be! haha. I don’t know what else to call us.  But we will all be in animal print, unless someone (husband) is a party pooper.  Stay posted!

Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. brandi lisenbe

    you do not look look Goth! You look AWESOME! duh like always! But OMG that baby costume! Please tell me you all dressed up and got a photo!

  2. Bailey Mobley

    Kelli: I absolutely LOVE this outfit. I’ve been looking for a way to layer with black without looking too gothic, and I definitely like the white knit hat with this. Keep up the amazing posts, you’re so inspirational!

    PS. Rylee is the most adorable girl! I am pretty sure that’s because she has one awesome mom ;)


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