I was soooo looking forward to this Halloween!  I think more than any other before.  Duh…I had a tiny little baby to dress up! I searched high and low for a Halloween costume to buy Rylee, but I was just not satisfied with the selection.  Everything looked the same and nothing was little enough to fit my itty bitty 10 pounder.  So out came the sewing machine! I found this animal print spandex and “spider web-like” black lace at the fabric store down the street.  It made for the perfect cave baby outfit.  Complete with a one shouldered onsie (with snaps!), a layered lace and leopard zig zag skirt, and a mini cross bones headband.  (I think I just might ebay this thing)  And yes, I went a little nuts and made Sam and I costumes too.  Although much less effort went into those!  I know it’s all kind of silly, but I couldn’t help myself.

Halloween night our cave man family headed to my parents house and met up with my sister and her kids for some trick or treating.  Her boys were the cutest cowboys ever (age 1 and 3).  We feasted on chili and cornbread and all fell into a sugar coma after all the pumpkin pie, ice cream and buckets of candy.  One night…it’s allowed.  Right?  Nights like this make me so thankful for the love of family….and for my baby girl that makes my life just that much sweeter!  I hope you all had a great Halloween as well!  I am going to blog bounce a bit to check out all of your costumes! :) xoxo.




  1. Ilana

    Gosh aren’t you guys just such the sweetest and good looking family!! Lil Rylee looks amazing Kelli, good job on the DIY! :)




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