Shoes – Dolce Vita / Dress – Forever 21 / Snood – Pins and Needles / Sweater – Sparkle & Fade

  2 years ago today I got married to the love of my life, one year ago today a little miracle was formed in my belly, and today our family makes three!  God is so good.   I could not imagine a better partner to live life with, nor a more perfect baby to love on every day.  Knowing that I get to spend forever with these two makes my heart smile.

Today I woke up to some inspiring words from my mama that brought tears to my eyes.  This woman knows a thing or two about love….and I admire her so much for the mother and wife that she is…..and for the example of love that she has shown me.  I wanted to share a bit of what she wrote:

 Motherhood is a process and be open to learning growing and changing as you go.  Same with marriage!  It goes through phases of growth and hard and easy times and like the ocean .. is beautiful but has highs and lows which are all a part of the beauty of the magnitude and expanse of the ocean . same  with your child and your husband.  They are complicated and will change , and surprise you at times for good and for bad! And it is all OK because God is your Foundation and ALL LOVE comes from HIM and HIS LOVE is perfect… therefore He COVERS us in mercy and grace, which we can do for each other only BECAUSE of HIM…..

Amen mom.

Baby girl is getting so big! …And sleeping through the night!! Three cheers!

You can find the itty bitty flower headband Rylee is wearing (and many others) at Sprinkles for Sprouts.

Also, the long awaited nursery pictures will be up this week!  Happy Tuesday!



  1. Emily

    You should do a photoshop tutorial on the settings on these pictures, they look AMAZING! Love your outfit and cute lil fam. :)

  2. Maci

    Very wise words of your Mama. Married for 2,5 years and can totally relate to what she is saying. Happy Anniversary to you Two!


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  3. Katie Leigh

    Someday I hope I get to go shopping with you, Maybe then I will figure out how you get such cute pieces and how you get to be so wonderful! I love looking at your lookbooks, and Rylee looks just as wonderful in your scarf!


  4. Ginnie

    I love what your mom said and SO glad the HE covers us in mercy and grace because as a wife and mom, I sure do need it!! Thanks for sharing!



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