Her days have officially turned into months.  3 to be exact….but these photos take her back to 1.  They were shot by my good friend and uber talented photographer, miss SARAH SHREVES 

It’s funny how one day I am a kid, and the next I am a mother…..and how quick that transition from childhood to adulthood really feels.  I remember my childhood so vividly, it’s amazing to think how long it has really been since those playground days.  I can still picture my mom at that time….playing with my sisters and I, reading us stories and teaching us all about the world.  Now it’s my turn.   Seeing Rylee grow makes me think so much about life….it’s fragility…..and really,  it’s wonder.  How intricately and thoughtfully we were created and how amazing the human body is.  It blows my mind every time I look at Rylee’s  itty bitty hands and feet, knowing they will one day grow to be as big as my own.  And it makes me so incredibly thankful for  my own mom and the part she has played in my life.  She has taught me what it means to love unconditionally and to give sacrificially.   I have realized there is nothing bigger than the love a mother has for her children.  I had heard that many times before, but  I don’t think it’s something I fully grasped until I became a mother myself.


We hoped to capture Rylee with a few of  those sweet sleeping baby photos I love so much, but she wasn’t having it.  She was wide eyed and alert the whole time, so we just went with it. A few old suitcases, a sheepskin rug and a my favorite ivory blanket from Scotland (gifted from Dear Darling) made the perfect props!  Ohhh…if only baby knew how hard we worked to get a few good photos of her! ha. Thankful to have these marking her one month birthday.

You can find this hand knit diaper cover and others similar over at etsy shop, Titch.


  1. Julia

    kelli- you are INCREDIBLE. an incredible friend, artist, wife, and MOM. you are what I aspire to be in so many ways and I just miss you terribly… But, nonetheless, even from afar, I’m in awe of your grace!

  2. vivian

    oh gosh she is just so sweet! i’ve seen my friends with babies this year, and they all grow up so fast! and that love, that immediate love for the babies, it’s so pure and evident to everyone who sees. Rylee is so precious! happy 3 month baby!

  3. Tori

    Oh she so beautiful! One day she will look back and appreciate all the effort you went through to snap these lovely photos… She’ll treasure them forever!

  4. kelly ann

    Rylee is absolutely precious and beautiful, I love the suitcase photos. You are such a sweet mama, Kelli, I got all teary-eyed reading this!




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