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Thanks for all of your comments on Rylee’s room! It was so much fun and I am glad I finally got around to sharing it with all of you! I also added some more info to the descriptions for those of you who emailed me with more questions!

Just a little bit of winter inspiration today featuring some woodland inspired images I’ve collected this week. Sometimes I wish I lived in a snow filled place during winter because there is something so magical about looking out of the window and seeing snowflakes fall.  But maybe it all seems so “magical” to me because I live in a place that never see’s snow.  I suppose the grass is always greener.  When I was younger, my family would go to Wisconsin to visit my grandparents every other year for Christmas.  A Wisconsin Christmas is quite different than a San Diego Christmas!  Ice skating, snow angels, red noses, Grandpa’s home made maple syrup….mmm, I can smell it now.  I miss those Christmases.  They are some of my best memories.  A year or two from now, when Rylee is a bit older, I want to take her back there to create memories of her own.  Sam’s family is from Minnesota, so I am sure we will have our share of white Christmases over the years.  But this year we will celebrate San Diego style!  Our warm winters are not all that bad :)

And to announce the winner of my “Hello Dear” print Giveaway:

Shayla from The Inexplicable Rabbit.

Congrats!  And thanks to everyone else for entering! If you are totally bummed (I’m sorry!) and still want this “Hello Dear” print….it is now available to purchase on my ETSY! And even more prints coming soon!


  1. Katie Leigh

    I’ve never seen anyone with such a feminine indie style likes yours! That antler necklace is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!! In love!



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