On Saturday I took part in the Santaluz Holiday Trunk Show.  I love small, crafty events like this.  About 25 vendors set up shop in a big white tent filled with twinkling lights, evergreen and christmas carols.  Catered with bite sized holiday treats and hot cocoa.  It made me happy to say the least. Especially because I had the company of my husband and baby!  It was Rylee’s first art show experience, and I think I’ve realized I need to bring her to every show I have! That girl is the main attraction everywhere I go….and not to mention, quite the sales woman! haha.  She sure knows how to draw in the crowd.  I didn’t realize until looking at these photos that Rylee’s hat totally matches my “fox girl” print.  How fitting.  Anyway….if you are still doing your Christmas shopping (or haven’t yet started, like me!)….take a peek at my ETSY SHOP over the weekend.  I will be posting a handful of new paper prints (some of which you see in these photos) over the next few days.  I know I am a little late in the game, but not TOO late right?! If you order in the next few weeks….i’ll make sure to get it to you in time for Christmas!

Amy Grant is playing as we speak! Ohhh I just can’t get enough of Christmas….


  1. Lena

    I am totally in love with your art. These pictures look very lovely and harmonic! And Rylee is so adorable and sweet. Happy pre-christmas time! :)

  2. kelly ann

    Oh my, Rylee is THE CUTEST in that hat! You really do have the sweetest little girl, Kelli.

    And YAY for Amy Grant! ;)

    P.S. I got your email and a reply is in the works! :)

  3. Ilana

    Cute, cute, CUTE Kelli!
    I love that the whole lil family came out to help and support the stall :) That’s the sweetest little hat too! Oh bless!



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