Another weekend gone with a blink of an eye.  This one was a rougher one than most.  It began with a hit and run I was involved in on Thursday night.  A car came flying out of no where from behind me as I was making a turn and defaced the front of my car.  The worst part was that Rylee was with me.  After seeing the car that hit me stop quite a ways ahead and put on his hazzards, I pulled myself together and checked to make sure my baby was fine.  We were both fine, untouched (praise God).  Amidst some tears and shaking hands I looked ahead again to see where the car was that hit me.  No where to be found.  I waited there a while, hoping that someone might stop to help or tell me where the other car had gone.  But after 15 minutes…no one stopped.  Not a single person with the exception a homeless man who had found my grill on the other side of the road and walked over to return it to me.  The lone kind samaritan.  Out of all the nice cars that passed me by….the one person that wanted to help was the guy that didn’t have one.  Ironic.    Not knowing what to do, I got back in my car to see if it wouldn’t make it home.  (The accident happened just minutes from my house.)  Even with the messed up alignment and near dragging bumper….”mama bear”, as I call her, limped home.  Sam came racing home from work after I called him in a panic right after the accident happened.  He helped me sort out all the insurance stuff and sat with me as I talked with the police about what happened.  It sucks that the innocent party on something like this ends up paying out of their own pocket….all for a night they’d rather forget.  But I suppose close calls like this remind us of what’s really important.  And I’m so thankful Rylee and I were not hurt.  Life is unpredictable isn’t it?  Everything can change in an instant.  We were just lucky.

Anyway, after the accident, Sam came down with the cold….which then was passed along to baby.  Surprisingly, I somehow managed to dodge it.  But it didn’t make the weekend much easier.  Poor baby seems to be feeling a little better today….but I am well, exhausted.  And I would love a re-do weekend….please?

On a happier note, I got this great detachable collar from SHOPAKIRA and this is the outfit I made around it.  I love collars and sweaters…..and really anything polka dot.



  1. abby

    praise God that you and your little love are just fine. you’re right . . . it’s those crazy things that remind us of the truly important things! adorable skirt, btw; love it!

  2. Carly

    That is just incredible to me. It takes some real crazy juice to drive away from an accident. When I first heard about this, I thought it had happened to your unattended, parked car… because the actual reality is ludicrous!

    Anyway, Chris and I are so glad that you and the little one are okay. Sorry for your scare. : (

  3. Christen

    so sorry that happened to you! how could someone hit a pretty young gal & her baby, and just leave? glad you two are ok despite everything.
    and through a tough weekend, you came out looking amazing ;)

  4. Jen Cairel

    So sorry to hear about the accident. No fun at all. And what a jerk for not sticking around. Glad you girls are OK though.

    Great outfit…really love that skirt.

  5. Stacey Campbell

    Thank God you and Rylee are alright. My mom and I went through something similar a few years ago (a near miss). We weren’t hit but we were really shook up and not even one person stopped to see if we were ok and we were facing on coming traffic. It’s only God that stopped the car and protected us. Love the shoes and the collar. Take care.

  6. Katie Leigh

    So glad to hear that you and Rylee are okay. Sucks that you got stuck with the bill though ;( On the other hand, you look absolutely adorable as per usual! Where did you get your purse? I love it!

  7. Anonymous

    Stop complaining. Nothing happened, u weren’t seriously hurt. I know people who have been killed in car accidents.

  8. Shannon Waite

    I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for what happened to you, but I’m so glad that you’re okay.

    I was in a car accident (which was also not my fault), almost two months ago now, that killed the two girls in my back seat and put me in critical condition. My family and friends had to go through so much while I was out of it and sleeping for almost two weeks.

    I’m somehow pretty much back to normal now (save for the possibility of having brain seizures the rest of my life), but it’s crazy. I never would have imagined this happening. So now, car accidents make me a lot more emotional, in terms of hoping that others are doing okay when they’re in one. So I’m thankful that you and Riley are doing well.


  9. Shannon Waite

    I’m glad that you didn’t have to go to the hospital either! I was stuck there for a month, in the middle of the semester. Not fun!

  10. Weronika

    Really glad to hear you’re both ok!! What a scary situation especially with a tiny baby, curse the person for a hit and run :(

    That said, what a lovely outfit!

  11. MommaKy

    Wow anonymous, really? You must have missed the part where she said how thankful she is. Maybe you don’t have children because the fear of your child being hurt can really shake you up for a long time. I am so sorry that you and so many others have lost friends/family in car accidents.

    You look beautiful Kelli and I am sorry you had to go through that! God’s plan is perfect, and I am so thankful His plan was protection for you and Rylee that night. Love you!

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