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It’s true….the dreaded 27 has finally come.  December 19th marked my 27th birthday and my baby girl’s 4 month birthday.  I’m not sure why but 27 has always scared me… just sounds so much older than 26 in my mind..  I am now categorized into the upper 20’s!  Whew…I never saw that coming. Ha!  (I apologize for those of you who are older and rolling your eyes at my silly comments).  I suppose I’ve got to face the facts and embrace my age, because 27 is…..well,  right where I’m supposed to be.  Growing up I always had this plan for where I would be at each age in life.  I would be married at 21, own my own card/stationary company by 25, have 3 kids before 30, and live in a small house by the ocean and wake up to the waves crashing outside of my window every day.  While not all of those things happened exactly according to plan….my life as I know it has been pretty good to me.  I think about this last year and all the changes that have come to me and my family.  Things that once seemed scary and unpredictable, all turned out for the best. The biggest blessing of this year, as I am sure you can guess, has been Rylee.  She was once one of those “unplanned events” for Sam and I…and yet we can’t imagine it any other way.  She has brought a new joy to our lives that we never knew possible.  And when I thought I could never love my husband more than the day I married him, Rylee has somehow allowed us to love each other even greater than we did before.  So much so that I think I am ready for another one! (just kidding…kind of).

It was a good birthday.  We sat together with Rylee overlooking the ocean.  Even in the middle of winter, the skies were blue and the sun warmed our faces.  I dreamed about next year and wondered what God had in store for me on my 27th year of life.  I can’t be sure….but I loved this quote I came across that read…
“turn your cant’s into can’s and your dreams into plans”

Starting now.


  1. Carly

    I’m having the same feelings of dread over turning 25 this coming March. To take my mind off of it, we’re going to New Orleans. : p
    And, I’m trying to focus on the positives on deck for my 25th year- like (hopefully) joining club baby. ; ) Wishing you and Sam a fabulous Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

  2. AnDee

    Sweet post…

    { Your 28th year of life! Sad but true…My Dad said it to me last year and I balked…But yes that’s how it works…:D }

    I hope this year brings many blessings.
    Happy Birthday and Christmas.

  3. jooleedoh

    i felt the exact same way about being 27. it’s just completely different from 26 – even though i felt awful about that one too. haha! but since turning 27, i’ve realized i reminisce A LOT more than usual and my typical phrase is “remember when…” Yeah, that’s how i realized my youth was slipping. haha.. anyway, i hear the 30’s are the new 20’s. ;)

    i also love your passage about loving your husband even more because of rylee. wow. so heartwarming!

  4. Lindsay

    I know what you mean by the dreaded “27”…I turned 27 on Dec 18th! I am so far from where I ever thought I’d be at 27 but have realized that I need to start being a lilttle more proactive about making things happen in my life instead of just waiting… so your quote definitely hits home for me! I’m also trying to let go of my silly plans and trust that whatever happens, God knows what he’s doing! :) I hope the next year is a blessed one for you!

  5. liz @ bon temps beignet

    I hope you had the happiest of birthdays! I’m one of those “older/rolling my eyes” people…. but only older by one month (almost to the day, mine’s November 20th!). We’re expecting our first, unplanned, little one any day now. I love to hear people say that they love their wife/hubby more since the baby was born. It’s way to often that married people draft away from each other or start to resent their spouse after baby arrives. Hopefully we’ll be as lucky as you two!

    On a side note, I was totally ready for my 27th. Last year (before my 26th bday) I couldn’t -for the life of me- remember how old I was. I turned to my hubby and said “Babe, this is serious, how old am I going to be this year? 26 or 27? I can’t remember” and he looked at me and said “You’re gonna be 27. How do you forget something like that????” We’ll were both wrong. But the shock of thinking I was *really* going to be 27 when I was only 25 at the time took the fear out of actually turning the ripe old age of 27 last month. Too bad I’m loosing my memory already!

  6. Kiley

    Happy Birthday!

    My next birthday will be 27 too, and I’m so far from where I thought I would be. But one quote that’s always stuck in my mind is “Never regret getting older. It’s a privilege denied to many.”

    Love that red knit sweater with black leggings and brown boots. It’s an unexpected color scheme but it’s so cozy and perfect for the holidays.

  7. Christina

    Hey Kelli!
    Happy Belated Birthday!
    Were those pictures taken in Solana Beach? At Fletcher Cove??
    I emailed you earlier this year about real estate in CA and we ended up getting a condo in Solana Beach.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!(I, like you turn 27 right after the new year… I am dreading it too.)

  8. Jessica

    Aw I loved this post! I am not ready to turn 26… this coming summer, I just am not where I expected to be in my life. But thank you for the wonderful quote!

  9. Elena

    Hello, and with a holiday you. I constantly look your photos and I rejoice for you, I mum, and me am few time to write to my babe of 11 months comments though very much it would be desirable. You perfectly look and is really sad, when already for 25. To me this year was 30, and I feel on 24))). So I understand you, but you the good fellow. Always in the excellent form, also you will not tell at all that you young mum. Happiness to you.


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