Hello, I”m back!  This week has been a much needed break for Sam and I.  I can’t remember the last time I have been away from my computer more than I have this week!  It’s felt pretty good.  I don’t even realize how much I rely on my computer until I purposefully try and stay away from it.  It’s crazy what a digital world we live in now, isn’t it?  As great as that is in some senses,  it does have a way of making life increasingly impersonal.  Anyway, my goal for this week was to get away from that.  And what better time than Christmas to focus on relationships and family?   Sam and I both have been off work this entire week, enjoying the super warm December weather and spending lots of time with our little lady.  Despite the hot weather, I just had to get some use out of the red pom hat I bought for Rylee a few months back.  I die over that thing on her.  Our Christmas was great.  A little different feeling this year because we did not have extended family in town like we usually do.  But it was small and intimate….and ALL about Rylee.  Ha!  She got more presents than all of us combined.  I put together this little video of Rylee’s first Christmas and the few days surrounding it….all with my very limited knowledge in imovie. I certainly don’t pride myself on my video skills, seeing as I have only made 2 now.  Really, it’s all for memories sake.  Hopefully Rylee can watch this one day and smile. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! xo.


Christmas 2011 from Kelli Larson on Vimeo.




  1. rania

    I love this. It’s so sweet and amazing. You did a fantastic job! And I hope Rylee has many more fantastic memories & videos as she grows. Happy New Year (:

  2. Giulia

    Rylee is so cute and beautiful. Love the video and the photos. She’ll love. You and Sam are doing a great job as parents.

  3. brandi lisenbe

    i cant sing that song without taring up….like ever.. I have to lip sync so i don’t crackle in church! Ha!
    Beautiful Video!
    Happy new Year Kel!!!

  4. Sandy Schaefer

    I loved your video. Precious. Thank you.
    PS I learned of your blog in the Aug/Sept issue of Artful Blogging. I’m a fan!! ( of your blog and the magazine )
    God bless your darling family.
    From Duluth, MN. —

  5. amy

    Ur video is so inspiring, just wondering if you have the time. What editing software you use? As I would like to make home videos of my own. Thankyou for your beautiful creativity.


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