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My love for Christmas is almost as big as my love for crafts.  Which is why this time of year is…..well, the best.  These are just a few fun holiday DIY’s and handmade gift ideas i’ve stumbled upon. Time to get crafty!

1. Handmade Christmas ornaments.  Tutorials included!

2.  Clear glass ornaments decoupaged with vintage paper and glitter

3.  Felt leaf Christmas Tree Skirt

4.  DIY Clothes Pin Tree

5.  Hand painted pinecones and twig arrangement

6.  DIY Fabric Bows

7.  DIY Gift Wrap via Style Me Pretty

8.  Christmas Candy – Eggnog Marshmallows.  Umm, YUM.

9.  White ladder turned Christmas Tree!

10.  Hand Knit Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf by KraeO

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  9 more days til Christmas!! xoxo.


Another weekend gone with a blink of an eye.  This one was a rougher one than most.  It began with a hit and run I was involved in on Thursday night.  A car came flying out of no where from behind me as I was making a turn and defaced the front of my car.  The worst part was that Rylee was with me.  After seeing the car that hit me stop quite a ways ahead and put on his hazzards, I pulled myself together and checked to make sure my baby was fine.  We were both fine, untouched (praise God).  Amidst some tears and shaking hands I looked ahead again to see where the car was that hit me.  No where to be found.  I waited there a while, hoping that someone might stop to help or tell me where the other car had gone.  But after 15 minutes…no one stopped.  Not a single person with the exception a homeless man who had found my grill on the other side of the road and walked over to return it to me.  The lone kind samaritan.  Out of all the nice cars that passed me by….the one person that wanted to help was the guy that didn’t have one.  Ironic.    Not knowing what to do, I got back in my car to see if it wouldn’t make it home.  (The accident happened just minutes from my house.)  Even with the messed up alignment and near dragging bumper….”mama bear”, as I call her, limped home.  Sam came racing home from work after I called him in a panic right after the accident happened.  He helped me sort out all the insurance stuff and sat with me as I talked with the police about what happened.  It sucks that the innocent party on something like this ends up paying out of their own pocket….all for a night they’d rather forget.  But I suppose close calls like this remind us of what’s really important.  And I’m so thankful Rylee and I were not hurt.  Life is unpredictable isn’t it?  Everything can change in an instant.  We were just lucky.

Anyway, after the accident, Sam came down with the cold….which then was passed along to baby.  Surprisingly, I somehow managed to dodge it.  But it didn’t make the weekend much easier.  Poor baby seems to be feeling a little better today….but I am well, exhausted.  And I would love a re-do weekend….please?

On a happier note, I got this great detachable collar from SHOPAKIRA and this is the outfit I made around it.  I love collars and sweaters…..and really anything polka dot.



On Saturday I took part in the Santaluz Holiday Trunk Show.  I love small, crafty events like this.  About 25 vendors set up shop in a big white tent filled with twinkling lights, evergreen and christmas carols.  Catered with bite sized holiday treats and hot cocoa.  It made me happy to say the least. Especially because I had the company of my husband and baby!  It was Rylee’s first art show experience, and I think I’ve realized I need to bring her to every show I have! That girl is the main attraction everywhere I go….and not to mention, quite the sales woman! haha.  She sure knows how to draw in the crowd.  I didn’t realize until looking at these photos that Rylee’s hat totally matches my “fox girl” print.  How fitting.  Anyway….if you are still doing your Christmas shopping (or haven’t yet started, like me!)….take a peek at my ETSY SHOP over the weekend.  I will be posting a handful of new paper prints (some of which you see in these photos) over the next few days.  I know I am a little late in the game, but not TOO late right?! If you order in the next few weeks….i’ll make sure to get it to you in time for Christmas!

Amy Grant is playing as we speak! Ohhh I just can’t get enough of Christmas….


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Thanks for all of your comments on Rylee’s room! It was so much fun and I am glad I finally got around to sharing it with all of you! I also added some more info to the descriptions for those of you who emailed me with more questions!

Just a little bit of winter inspiration today featuring some woodland inspired images I’ve collected this week. Sometimes I wish I lived in a snow filled place during winter because there is something so magical about looking out of the window and seeing snowflakes fall.  But maybe it all seems so “magical” to me because I live in a place that never see’s snow.  I suppose the grass is always greener.  When I was younger, my family would go to Wisconsin to visit my grandparents every other year for Christmas.  A Wisconsin Christmas is quite different than a San Diego Christmas!  Ice skating, snow angels, red noses, Grandpa’s home made maple syrup….mmm, I can smell it now.  I miss those Christmases.  They are some of my best memories.  A year or two from now, when Rylee is a bit older, I want to take her back there to create memories of her own.  Sam’s family is from Minnesota, so I am sure we will have our share of white Christmases over the years.  But this year we will celebrate San Diego style!  Our warm winters are not all that bad :)

And to announce the winner of my “Hello Dear” print Giveaway:

Shayla from The Inexplicable Rabbit.

Congrats!  And thanks to everyone else for entering! If you are totally bummed (I’m sorry!) and still want this “Hello Dear” print….it is now available to purchase on my ETSY! And even more prints coming soon!