Baby girl is 5 months old today!  My how time flies! I was just going through all of the pictures I have taken of her!  It’s so cool to see how much she has grown and changed in such a short time.  I have already filled two whole photo albums and am on to my third! eek…it may be safe to say I take too many pictures!  But I just want to capture every stage of her life. (And photograph her in every cute outfit she has before she grows out of it! ha!)  Sometimes I miss how that tiny little newborn body felt in my arms!  Now, Rylee can sit on my hip and hold herself up all on her own.  I can’t leave her for too long because she is rolling like crazy now.  I set her on a blanket on one side of the room, and before I know it, she is on the other!  I swear, she is going to be an early crawler!  She is already trying to nudge her knees under her tummy and scoot!  As much as I love her now, I am looking forward to the day when we can talk and interact with each other.  When she can give me bear hugs and we can laugh together at cartoons! She makes my world a happier place!

But the last few days have been not so happy.  I’ve been sick with the stomach flu, or so I think  (I haven’t been to the doctor).  It’s the first time I’ve been sick since I had Rylee.  I knew the day would come….but it has been harder than I thought taking care of a baby while also trying to take care of myself.  I think Rylee knew I needed some extra rest because last night she slept from 7pm to 7am! Seriously, crazy right?!  It was the longest span she and I have slept since she was born.  I am just hoping I don’t pass along whatever it is I have, to her.  Luckily Grandma is coming over today to help me!  What would we do without Grandma’s?!  xoxo.


  1. Amie @ Itsystitch

    Gah she is cute!! I adore the first image in the 2 month set, what an expression! My little girl is 37 pounds and 7 and a half years old now! Yikes! Feel better soon :)

  2. liz @ bon temps beignet

    FIVE months already? Crazy! I love the first pic from month 5 and I hope you feel better soon, honey. I can’t imagine being sick and having to care for a little one. Hubby and I both have a funky cough right now. I think our little man is waiting for it to clear up before he decides to make his way into the world. I’m 4 days overdue… this cold better go away soon!

  3. Hilary

    I stumbled upon your blog (through Rylee’s nursery) and I have to say I ADORE her clothing! Where do you get those cute tutu skirts?



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