OK….so unless you’ve been sleeping the last few days you have heard all the buzz going around about Invisible Children’s latest documentary KONY2012.  Long story short…in 2003 a few friends traveled to Africa in search of a story.  And what they found shocked…and broke them.  They started a non-profit organization called Invisible Children with a commitment to try to help end the longest running war in Africa.   After 9 years and incredible progress in their mission, one major problem still remains.  The murderous rebel leader Joseph Kony has yet to be captured.  This is where we come in.   Their  2012 media campaign is to make Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice..  I could go on and on trying to explain the story and it’s importance, but what would be even better is for you to take 30 minutes out of your day to watch this captivating VIDEO.   I have no doubt you too will become a believer.  We each have a voice!  And together we can make a difference.   I hope you are as inspired as I am.


  1. Marissa

    Thanks for posting this. This is my first time delurking but I’ve been a follower of your blog since my wedding planning days in ’10. Also it was fun to see that Sam is your husband. We went to school and church together through HS in snowy MN. Small world! God Bless your family :) Anyways, can’t wait for April 20th!

  2. Rebecca

    I watched this video earlier today. It is so inspiring!!! I am an American on exchange in Bangkok, Thailand and students are organizing KONY2012 events here on April 20th! Its so great to see people working together all over the world for the same case.

  3. Christine

    I watched this video, moved to tears, and began sharing…now there is all this backlash on facebook, (which I understand – critical thinking) people posting links about the authenticity of Invisible Children, their budget, salaries, etc…and the possible harm this may be causing in Aftrica, for example : http://blackstarnews.com/news/135/ARTICLE/8007/2012-03-08.html

    So naturally I was amazed to see that you know these guys personally, wondering if you could shed some light? xo Christine > ps love love love your blog

  4. gabrielle espejo

    You should make shirts or fashion pieces for the campaign! I would totally buy them as well as many friends and I am sure your other followers would! You have amazing talent! Thanks!

  5. Giulia

    I’ve seen the video and it made me cry. I think positive about this and I believe in them, I know they will find Joseph Kony and arrest him. We just have to keep trying and telling everybody about it.

    We’ll make it!!!

  6. Katie Leigh

    Everyone at IC is going insane right now. We can’t believe how big this has gotten in just days. All the merch is sold out, the video is well over 50 Million hits. They guys were just on Piers Morgan and I’ve been going insane all week. In case anyone was wondering, Dreams do come true and the “Impossible” is possible!

  7. Kristy

    Hi Kelli I’ll start by saying I’ve followed your blog since the beginning and I think you are wonderful. I am really doing my research about Kony 2012 and have stumbled upon many positive and negative things about it. I’m so glad I checked your blog for a post before I almost turned my computer off for the night. I stumbled upon this:


    And was wondering how valid these statements are regarding Invisible Children’s support of the Ugandan Army and the 32% of funds that are claimed to have gone to “direct services.” You said you were friends with those who started Invisible Children so I’m excited to hear from a LEGITIMATE source! Thank you so much and I hope you have a good night!

    Oh and the video you posted moved me to tears.

  8. kelli

    To Kristy & Christine –
    It’s sad that so many people are so quick to criticise. IC is bringing this issue to a massive audience in a way that no one has ever done before. No organization is perfect. If you google anything you can find something wrong with it if you choose to. The point is that they are making a real difference…and bringing KONY to the attention of millions. I think everyone can at least agree that KONY needs to be stopped, and how one decides to support is their own choice. A good interview to read regarding all of the financial questions and other various criticisms IC is getting is here – http://www.good.is/post/a-kony-2012-creator-defends-the-film/
    Hope this helps shed a little more light.



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