Honestly….where have you been all my life?

Yes folks.  I just got an iphone.  I know I know, how behind am I!? I would have gotten one long ago if it weren’t for my hubby who is a simple kind of guy and doesn’t care much for fancy this and that (I kind of love that about him).  HOWEVER…when it came to my phone, I was long overdue for an upgrade.  Now that I have it, I’m not sure how I lasted so long without one!  haha.  I know deep down Sam feels the same way, but he would never admit it ;)  Anyway…here are a few insta pics of my week.  I’ll post these every now and then here on the blog, but if you are an instagramer…you can follow me at @kelli_murray.  The important part is that  little hash line in between.  Kelli Murray was already taken. Obviously, because I am like the last person ever to jump on the train.  But it’s already shaping up to be my latest addiction.  Oh boy.  I think I will be much better at this than twitter! ha.  Well, I am off to Seaworld with my sister and our kiddo’s.  I’m such a mom.

OH…and if you are into that yarn pom headband Rylee is wearing in the third to last photo, I have been a busy bee making those cuties for friends babies.  But perhaps if enough people are interested,  I will post some up for sale on my etsy.  I think I bought enough yarn to start a factory!  That big puff of yarn is quite irresistible on a tiny little head!


  1. abby

    i only just got my iphone at thanksgiving, so you’re really not all that behind :)

    those yard headbands are adorable . . . if i had a little one to buy for, i would be begging you to put some in the shop. or i could just buy a couple and store them away for the someday when my mr. and i have some little bears . . .

  2. kelli

    Gabrielle – floral, Anthro. leopard, Target. Score!
    Tara – Gifted for my wedding. I think from Anthro (can you tell I like Anthro :)
    Kelle – Genius minds. haha. And I like how you spell your name.

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  3. Alissa B

    absolutely love all these photos!

    and i must say my two favies out of these is the first and the last photo. just too cute!

    alissa b

    p.s. i have straight across bangs and i love peeking at your photos on how to wear hats with em ;)

  4. Jen Cairel

    These are SO great! I wish they would bring Instagram to Droid already!! I’m always drooling over everyone’s pics but I’m not an iPhone gal so I can’t follow along.

    I’m L-O-V-I-N-G your outfit in the first two pics..any chance you can let us know where those fabulous threads are from?

    Also, Rylee is just about the cutest thing EVER!!

  5. brea

    oh my goodness PLEASE sell those pom pom headbands! i am so in love :) my daughter rhyan is 5 months and would look adorable in one! if not i would love if you would at least post a few for sale on here at least!! loving them and your outfits :)



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