I was SO thrilled when Dani from Sometimes Sweet emailed me asking to collaborate.  DUH…no brainer.  I have been a follower of her blog for quite some time and I think she is just the greatest.  This was the first time I have done a custom illustration including tattoos!  (Isn’t she the cutest!?)  It was a great challenge for me and I actually LOVED the process and how it turned out! Now I want to draw more portraits with tattoos!  If you head over to her blog anytime today through Sunday, you can enter our giveaway to win your very own custom portrait!  The winner will be chosen in Monday.  This is not something I offer (for free) very often…actually, never….so it’s a great opportunity if you have been wanting a portrait of your own! For more details…go HERE! xoxo.



  1. Mayaneli

    I entered as well! This is super fun, and your art is undoubtedly cute. I can’t wait to see the final result!

  2. Jennifer Hertweck

    Hi Kelli
    I adore your work and nothing would make me happier than owning a piece by you! You are one of my biggest inspirations!
    Much love from SA

  3. Erica Fos

    Love your work. I tweeted and liked you on FB also, but I don’t feel comfortable publicly leaving my email address. Have an awesome day!

  4. sara

    Kelli! this is AMAZING. unique, chic, and rad. i would be honored to frame one of your original prints in my house.

    You are truly talented.

    fingers crossed!

  5. Melanie

    Okay Kelli I’m a LITTLE upset that I didn’t win this giveaway! How much do you charge for commissioned portraits?


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