So…I did it. I was actually quite proud of myself when I lined up all of my 25 baby headbands and realized I had actually completed a goal. Completing non-work related goals these days is not even close to as easy as it used to be!  Phew! Each headband will be cut custom to your baby’s head size and I will add a (very important) elastic stripe to the back for a snug fit.  That little elastic I found to be the key to keeping the pom on Rylee’s head and not in her eyeballs!  These headbands have been on my “to-do” list for weeks after promising a few friends I would make some for their babes, so it feels good to have them done!  2 days of winding, clipping and braiding yarn and these bad boys (or girls?) are ready to adorn some cute little baby heads.  Yay!  I must say, I have both purchased and created my fair share of baby headbands over the last few months.  Sam considers it a borderline addiction which I fervently deny…..but these yarn pom bands are hands down my fav.  I think we get someone touching Rylee’s head or grabbing her cheeks every time we go out in one.  Maybe that is not a good selling point…but needless to say, that little pom gets attention! haha.   Now available to buy on my ETSY! Just leave me a note with your desired size and i’ll get it sent off to you in the mail!  They come in coral, eggplant, merigold, moss green, ivory, and grey!  I’m not sure if this will ever happen again, so I suggest you hurry over if you are really interested! Much love!!




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