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Hey guys! Hope you have enjoyed all the guests posts over the last week or so while I’ve been away! How awesome was that DIY by Joanna!?  I am already itching to make that care package for a friend!

I wanted to share some iphone pictures from our trip.  Rylee was a trooper on her first plane ride.  No meltdowns = success! Haha.  She was a handful though because she is at that age where all she wants to do is be on the ground crawling.  But with a lot of distraction and one hundred games of peek-a-boo, we made it to Wisconsin in one piece.  As heart breaking as it was to attend the funeral and say my final goodbye to my grandpa, it was so good to reconnect with family and laugh together about memories we shared.  All of my cousins came (none of us joined by our spouses) so it literally felt like we were 15 again on summer break.  It’s crazy how quickly I can revert back to that time.  We share so many memories of that place.  It had been a long time since I had been back there and it is still as beautiful as I remember.  The same paths I walked through 12 years ago are still mapped out through the trees and my Grandma’s house still smells of cinnamon apples.  It was the first time Rylee got to meet her great grandma too, so that was pretty special.  She was able to bring her joy in a time of such sadness for her.  I was so thankful for that.

Sam and I are looking forward to July when we will be heading back out there again to celebrate the fourth of July.  Nothing is better than fireworks on a lake!  This time, we will be visiting Sam’s family cabin as well. Sam is originally from Minnesota, but like me, his family also owns a cabin on a lake in WI that he visited as a kid.  Isn’t that funny!?   Each cabin is a few hours away from one another, but sometimes I laugh at the idea of somehow meeting him out there when we were 8 and him being my summer crush every year.  Haha!  We probably would not have ended up working out if life would have taken that turn…but it’s fun to imagine!  I love that Wisconsin holds such a special place in both of our hearts.  Especially living in southern California, which is SO different from there, in so many ways.  It makes us want to let our kids experience it as we did.

P.S. –  I got a few people asking me what iphone app I used for some of these photos, and for most, I used VSCO Cam.  It’s my new fave. Check it out.


Hi! My name is Mara and I blog over at M Loves M. I’ve always been a huge fan of Kelli’s blog and art, and when we met last year I was blown away with her sweet and genuine nature. She’s really the nicest girl ever! I’m so honored to be here today guest posting while she’s away. I thought I’d share a little bit about myself. While I’m not an artist, I love to cook and bake. While not a professional, I do enjoy making sweet treats for family and friends whenever I can. Here are two of my favorite desserts with links to the recipes.

chocolate pie

 chocolate caramel slice


I got married last year and love spending quality time with my hubby and pup Ginger. She’s the baby in the family for now!

I’m a stylist and buyer by day and a blogger by night, so to say I love clothes and fashion is an understatement. Fashion has always been a huge part of my life and I love the creativity it brings.

 Thanks for letting me introduce myself to all of you!

Feel free to stop by my blog and say hi anytime!


Hello readers! I’m Kelly Ann from The Flowerchild Dwelling and I’m filling in for Kelli today. I thought I’d share two moodboards I made recently… aren’t they dreamy? Whenever I think of Kelli’s style and blog – the word dreamy always comes to mind. She has such an ethereal, beautiful vibe and I thought these boards would fit right in with her aesthetic. I hope these images inspire your day!

xo, Kelly Ann

original images are from

words by Kristian Matsson


….and this little girl is pretty excited about it!

A few more fun guest posts next week and then i’m back in business.

Hope you all get some sunshine this weekend!

Hi! I am Joanna from Waterfall Creative and I’m here to share a fun little DIY with you!


After graduating college, a lot of my best friends have packed their bags and moved far from me. Out of my 9 bridesmaids, three live in different states, one lives 6 hours away, three are 4 hours from me, and 2 are within 30 miles. With the internet, Skype and Facebook, it can be easy to keep in contact, but there’s something about sending something real, something they can touch, that does so much more than a mere Facebook message or email. One thing I miss the most about my one friend in particular is our long conversations we would share over a cup of coffee or two, or three. So I decided to send my coffee buddy an “I Miss You A Latte” care package. So she can have a cup of coffee on me! Also, so that she knows I miss her terribly!




Now of course, you can make a care package with whatever you think your friend will like, but here’s what I did for my Coffee Care Package:


What you need:
– Your favorite coffee beans
– Homemade Vanilla Coffee Syrup (Love this recipe!)
– Two jars (one for beans one for syrup)
– Coffee Mug
– Paint Pen (or another kind of pen that will work on a coffee mug)
– Your favorite biscotti or cookie (so yums)
– A handwritten card (with a coffee stain or two)
– Craft paper
– Syrup container (optional)
– Coffee filters




Here’s The Steps:


1.  Make your coffee syrup (seriously, so easy!)
2. Once the syrup has cooled, pour into a jar and make sure it is sealed tightly. Don’t want any spills!
3. Take your favorite coffee beans and place them in a tightly sealed jar.
4.  Decorate your coffee mug! This is all about personalization, so do something you think your friend will love. I kept mine simple, putting a heart at the bottom, some dots along the handle and “Miss You Mug” on the front, so she knows I miss her every time she uses it!
5.  Take your craft paper and label your coffee, syrup, biscotti, and handwrite a card telling your friend how much you miss her.
6.  Pack a cardboard box up with all your items. I padded mine with coffee filters just to add to the theme.
7.  Make sure everything is padded and sealed tight, tape up the box and send it off!
8.  Have a coffee Skype date with your friend once she gets the package!



It’s not always easy to find those friends that you just “click” with. Someone who just gets you, who loves you with grace and laughter. When one comes along, hold onto that friendship tight! And if that sad day comes where they are no longer physically close to you, send them a package. Let her know you care, that you love her and miss her terribly. Just a few minutes making something small can mean so much to someone- and it may even remind you how much you love your friend.


So that’s it! The “I Miss You A- Latte” care package is complete! Hope the coffee friend in your life enjoys it!


Thanks so much Kelli for having me!