A lot has been going on here at the Larson household! Did you know I am a Larson? I guess I rarely say that here.  After getting married, I was in a bit of a predicament trying to figure out if I change my website and shop to my new name or just keep my maiden name of Murray.  Obviously, you know what I decided on…..but it still feels a little odd to me.  I get all mixed up sometimes with my signitures because for checks or personal documents, I need to sign Kelli Larson, but for art prints I need to sign Murray.  I can’t tell you how many checks I have had to rip up because I sign it with Murray! Ugh…the worst.  Aaaanyway.  This weekend was a ton of fun for Sam and I.  His family, who all live in 4 different states, came out to visit.  Sometime’s I don’t realize how lucky I am to have my whole family within driving distance from me.  Sam’s twin sister, Hannah (in the 4th photo) has a baby boy, Jonah (5th photo) who is just 4 weeks younger than Rylee.  Although sitting side by side you would never guess Rylee was the older of the two.  Jonah kills her in the weight department.  But then again, most babies her age do.  I am still waiting for that growth spurt (hair included!) Anyway, it was the first time out little ones met each other so we had fun watching them get acquainted!  Mainly, it was Rylee jabbering away and plowing over Jonah, poking his face and stealing his pacifier.  Ha!  She is ALL over the place right now.  But Jonah just sat there like a gentleman and let the crazy girl go at it.  I had no idea Rylee was such a social butterfly.  But get her around a crowd of people and she is the bell of the ball.  I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into with her! She is developing quite the personality, and is certainly more mobile than ever. Notice the crouching tiger pose in the first pic?….that is her favorite of the moment.  And I worry every time about a face plant.  It’s the only time in my life I have ever wished I had carpet.  But she is getting stronger and stronger every day.


THINKING ABOUT – My mom.  She left two weeks ago on a last minute trip to Wisconsin to help my grandmother care for my grandfather as his health continues to decline.  She told me this morning that the hospice nurse that continues to check in on him said that it will be just days, if not minutes, before he passes.  I cry every time I think about it….so I can’t imagine what my mom is going through just watching him slowly fade away.  I will certainly miss my gramps.  But soon he will be in heaven with his Savior, and with that thought, I am comforted.  I am so thankful for my mom for her strength and unwavering love.  She is one of the most selfless people I know, and I am sure it means everything to my grandmother to have her there by her side.  My mom will still be away on mother’s day this Sunday, which makes me sad, but I am so glad she can be with her own mom, who needs her more than ever right now.  I didn’t realize it until tonight when Sam said to me “Sunday is a special day for you” that I too get to celebrate mothers day this year! It’s amazing how much life can change in one year.   One life ends just as another begins.

LISTENING TODown Like Silver. I kind of stalk Kelly Ann’s blog to find new inspiring music.  I’m not great at keeping up with the music scene, so I rely on people like Kelly Ann to help me out! (thanks girl for your music monday’s).  I discovered them about a month ago through this post and was instantly hooked.

WATCHINGRevenge.  I’ve been watching it on hulu while I feed Rylee.  It’s the perfect waste of time! haha.  Have you seen it!!?  It’s so addicting.

EATING – On the healthy side – spinach & arugula salad with dried cranberries, walnuts, and gorgonzola. One the very opposite side of healthy – Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels. Killing me.


– Coury has a baby in her belly!!  So thrilled for her!  I can already visualize her baby’s vintage wardrobe.

–  THIS breakfast (dessert!) that I MUST make.  P.S – Sarah’s blog is a new found fave.

Katie’s hair.  I have been seriously considering going red….and it’s all her fault.  ha!  But honestly, isn’t she just the cutest?

-Loving these DIY notebooks that Whitney made.  I am in desperate need of one about now! Time to get crafty.

– Lots of great blogging advice HERE from Elsie.  So much I still feel like I can learn and get better at.  One step at a time I guess!




  1. Sadie

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather! I’m glad you can see the eternal perspective about it: but I know that doesn’t make it easier in the …I pray peace for your family!

  2. sarah gray

    just when i think you could not possibly be any more lovely…. you post something like this. happy first mother’s day to you!!!!

  3. ren

    hi kelli :)
    i am praying for the best for your gramps :)
    i need to find a boy baby shower gift and thought that you might have a lovely little etsy store or website to recommend?

  4. lindsay

    so many things here…!

    1. i just wrote yesterday about parting with my recently-maiden name and how weird it is seeing it as something new! ive officially converted to my “new” last name, but it hasnt quite stuck yet. i couldnt imagine trying to juggle half of my life with one and the other half with another! i imagine it’s difficult because of who you are recognized as an artist.

    2. my post today is about my mom. with mothers day coming up ive just been amazed thinking about a mothers strength and being hopeful for the day when my kids see me just as i see my mom now. isnt it crazy what becoming a mother does for our views on our own? it was so eye-opening for me. my thoughts and prayers are with your entire family in this rough time with your grandpa. the time will be coming soon for my grandparents too, so i cant imagine how you all must be feeling right now.

    3. revenge is the absolute BEST show. did you know its a modern-day adaptation/interpretation of the count of monte cristo? ive never read the classic, but one of my best friends is convinced its the best book of all time. and judging by the show… i think she may be correct. dylan and i count down the minutes until its available on hulu. i cant believe its almost over for the season though!

    4. anything that involves peanut butter gets me everytime, but those trader joes chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter or not, are just out of this world. id eat a bag for breakfast if they didnt make me feel so guilty.

    5. red hair is so much fun! i was red for a while and have been thinking about it a lot lately… along with chopping all of my hair off. anyway, red is a lot of maintenance, but i think its worth it!

    <3 happy early mothers day! its your first mothers day, right? well either way, soak up the gratitude and know that you are deeply loved!

  5. kelly ann

    Aaww, thank YOU, love! I’m so glad you’re enjoying music monday :)

    And seriously, how amazing Revenge?! I tried so hard not to like it, but it totally sucked me in – in all it’s dramatic, crazy glory. ;) Obsessed.

    Praying for you, your mom, and your family – for strength, peace, and comfort during this time. xo.

  6. haley

    i was very close to my grandmother and she just passed away 2 weeks ago– 2 weeks after my wedding, which she couldn’t even attend because of how much she was declining.. like your mother, my mom has so much strength, love, and selflessness– we are lucky to have such strong women as role models. praying for strength and comfort during this difficult time for your family. happy 1st mother’s day to you!

  7. Tiffany

    Okay can I just say that crouching tiger pose of Rylee is beyond adorable!! I love the “Currently” posts that I decided to join in and post it on my blog.

    I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather…Praying for you & your family!

    Happy Mothers Day Kelli, may you have a wonderful day filled with love & laughter! xx, T

  8. teddi

    awww so sad about your grandpa. :( heartbreaking. wonderful photos in slices of your life kelli. :)



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