If you follow me on instagram, you have probably already seen all of these pics….so sorry for the repeat.  But if you don’t, this is what’s been going on currently….

Sam and I went on a fun date to the Del Mar Fair a few days ago.  I get all dorky excited when the Del Mar Fair rolls around each year, because #1 it means summer has arrived and #2 because it brings back memories of when Sam and I first met there 5 years ago.  It’s kind of “our thing” now to go every year.  Except for this time we totally forgot to do the absurdly overpriced photobooth. I’ve got one of those little strips for each year we’ve been together, but we missed it this year!  All the more reason to go back I guess….and to get another funnel cake of course.  I’d like to think I deserve one of those one (or twice) a year! haha.

Yesterday we celebrated my mom’s birthday.  I didn’t share it here on my blog because it all went so quickly, but she just had surgery on her heart last week for a problem she has been dealing with for a few years now.  We had no idea it was something that required surgery, but when she finally went in to see a heart specialist, he urged her to get the surgery as soon as she could.  We are so thankful that everything went smoothly and she is on the road to recovery.  They say her heart problem should be fully fixed now! So we are just praying that that is the case and that it is gone for good.  I love my mom so much and can’t imagine life without her.  Reality hits pretty hard when things like this happen and you realize the fragility of life….and the importance of making the most of every moment spent with the ones you love.

We leave next week for Wisconsin and I can’t be more excited!  I bought Rylee that cute little Fourth of July number (the tiny bikini and hat in the pic above) for our week on the lake.  Looking forward to a bit of R&R with family.

WATCHING:  Oh I hate to admit it but after hearing a few girls talk about Make it or Break it…I just had to check it out.  As hooked as I am to Prison Break, I can only watch it when Sam and I are together.  If it were up to me, i’d probably be done with that series already, but because it’s our show, I had to find something else to distract me in the meantime.  As painfully teen drama as it is….i’m hooked (and embarrassed).  Fun fact is that I used to be a gymnast myself until about 12 when I fractured the growth plates in my heels and had to stop.  Gymnastics definitely takes it’s toll! But I really did want to be an olympian! Squashed dream.  So i’m rooting for these girls. ha.

EATING:  Currently….cookies.  BAD.  But in the mornings I’ve been eating fruit instead of waffles. GOOD.  So I guess it evens itself out. right?  What are some of your favorite places to find good dinner recipes?  I need some more go-to’s.  Anything that you love that you keep in your weekly rotation?

WORKING ON:  I just finished a big custom floral painting (there is a thumbnail of it in the last pic).  I had so much fun doing it that I thought I’d throw it out there to anyone interested that i’d be happy to take on commissions.  Your own colors and even flowers if you have something particular in mind. Just email me!  I also just finished a handful of custom illustrations for a mag I love. More details on that to come.


This girl can do incredible things with a piece of chalk.

Love this rug.  And these measuring cups. And this tunic.

I can relate to Bre’s Thing’s I’m Afraid to Tell You post.  I’ve been so inspired by this series and have been meaning to do my own for a while now.

Taking notes on this home office inspiration.  Our re-vamp is still so far from complete.

2 talented Sarah’s – ONE.  TWO.


Happy Monday friends.


  1. mary ellen

    I love this post! also i have to say the coloring of your over all blog is just perfect! and all those pictures above are so pretty! :)

  2. Bri

    who doesn’t love summer fairs! you definitely have to go back for your yearly photobooth!
    Hope your mom is god..and great 4th of July outfit for your girl:)

  3. Katie Leigh

    Lets start with the first picture and those pants! GIRRRLLL I’m in love. I’m gonna have to either make my own or go shopping! Mission for you, I want to see a picture of the inside of your closet! I’m so interested to see all the clothes that you have and what the inside of your creativity and style looks like!

  4. Melanie

    I’m sorry that you get such hateful comments on your blog. I’m sure you have many fans :) Love your pics and your art work. Enjoy your vacation during the 4th of July. I wish your mom a speedy recovery.

    • kelli

      You’re so sweet Melanie! Thanks. Yeah that last one was one of the rudest i’ve gotten. Thanks for your sweet words!

  5. Melody

    I love her little swimsuit. :) It’s adorable! I hear you on only being able to watch a show with your husband. We’re currently addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. I’d be done with it by now but we can only watch it together! I’ve been preoccupying myself with The Office. A nice, funny distraction. :)

    • kelli

      A good distraction indeed Melody! I have yet to watch Grey’s. I think that might be my next addiction of choice :)

  6. Kristian

    So glad your mother’s surgery went well; must be such a relief to the family as well as to her. Hope her recovery is an easy process.

    Love that you go to the fair every year! What an adorable and special tradition. Especially the part about a photostrip each year!

  7. Anna


    what do you think about write a post about wedding, with some creative ideas for food and decoration? I would love it! You are so talented!

  8. Bonnie

    I simply must know where you’re shoes are from! I’m borderline obsessed.



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