Hey friends! It’s me again, Joanna Waterfall. I’m honored once again to be here with another care package DIY! This one is all for the camper in your family. My only sister is currently working at a summer camp until August. We have very little communication throughout her time there, so I thought I would send her a care package for camp!

If you have a son/daughter/friend/bro or sis heading to camp for the summer, or even just for the week, this is the perfect package for them!  You can really modify this to hold whatever you like, but here’s what I chose for my sis.




1. Hand Sanitizer (Burts Bee’s is a good one!)

2. Chapstick (The sun can do strong damage to those lips at camp!)

3. band-aids

4. Granola supplys (I used cereal, chocolate chips, and marshmallows, kind of going for a s’more theme!)

5. Jar to hold granola

6. A hand-written card from you! (I stained my paper with coffee, to add to the rustic, camp feel!)

7. A notebook / journal (So she can document all her adventures and things she’s learning at camp!)





1. I gathered up my chapstick, hand sanitizer and bandaids and put them in a small burlap bag I had left over from our wedding favors. They fit perfectly and add a nice touch.

2. Make your granola. Camp is not easy- you need to be putting calories in as you put them out! What I did was take all my ingredients and layered them in the jar. Now she can see what she’s eating and it looks oh so pretty!

3. Add your touch to the notebook. Moleskine notebooks are great to decorate. I added just a little craft paper heart with the year so she can look back and remember it. You can use modge podge to make this thing stick!

4. Write your note. There really is nothing like a handwritten note received in the mail. It doesn’t take long to do, but speaks volumes to the person receiving it!


And there you have it! Modify it as you like, I also put in a pair of sunglasses (you can never have too many when your days are spent in the sun!) You can add whatever goody you think your camper would appreciate.


Happy summer everyone!



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