I’m back! As good as it was to return home, yesterday was a nightmare when I came to the realization that I lost my Canon SLR camera.  My stomach turned to knots as I frantically searched our bags, the car, the house……I called the rental car place and the airport’s lost and found, and asked my grandmas to scour the cabin in case we accidentally left it there.  No luck.  To be real, a few tears were shed.  Not only did I take that camera everywhere….but all the photos and video I took of our trip were poof, gone.  So now, all I have are these instagram pics to remember the fun we had.  I know there will always be the memories…and that camera’s can be replaced (eventually, as I save my pennies!) but the feeling of loosing it made me sick.  There is still a small flicker of hope inside that it might turn up somewhere….but it’s not looking good.

Aside from a bad ending, we had such a good time.  The first two days were torturously hot.  Over 100 and the worst humidity I’ve ever felt. I forget what a difference humidity plays when it’s hot.  Give me dry heat any day….but a wet heat is a whole new beast!  We pretty much lived on the lake to stay comfortable, which was completely ok by me. Rylee got to meet all of her baby cousins.  It still blows my mind that they are all just months apart in age. Rylee, 10 months, Jonah, 9 months, and Charlie, 8 months.  I got about a thousand photos of all of them together, but of course, not even one on my phone.  But it was pretty cute to see them interact together.  Rylee is still the peanut of the trio but by far the best ‘mover’.  I realized how much of a busy body she really is compared to the boys.  Maybe it’s just a girl thing, or the fact that she’s so tiny, but i’ve got my hands full with this one!  Anyway….we had about the most “all-american” fourth of July I could dream up. Family, babies, cabin, lake, boat rides, fishing, campfires, sketchy fireworks…(yes, one did in fact explode at our feet and nearly kill us all).  We stopped after that one. ha. I miss Wisconsin already.  It’s a place I can see us coming back to year after year with our kid(s).



One of the highlights of the trip for me was to watch Rylee learn to stand.  (And that is another reason i’m so sad about the lost camera!)  I caught her standing up for the very first time on video and taking her first baby step.  It’s killing me not to have that anymore.  Everyday she gets more confident (and I get more terrified!).  A few too many face plants already, and I am sure there are more of those to come.  I think it’s just a matter of weeks before she’ll be walking.  Eek! I’ve got quite the mixed feelings about it!



  1. Angel

    Lovely photos adn sorry about the lost camera and the memories i understand you once i lost a camera i forget it in the taxi cab and have so much photos but at least have the memories and a few photos for instagram!

    Greetings from México

  2. Jess Mitchell

    kelli, i totally understand the tears shed over the lost camera. i once lost a memory card full of amazing photos from when lyla was a baby (before i could upload them) and i had a fit. i definitely cried like a two year old and pouted around the house for a good little while. if that was my reaction to losing a memory card, i can’t imagine how childish i would behave if i lost a nice camera as well. so sorry!

  3. Candice

    SO sorry about your camera. That is just awful and I really hope it turns up somewhere! You never know!! Glad you had a great trip though!! You and your family are just so cute. I love your hair and style!!

  4. Stacey

    So sorry to hear about your camera. Glad you had a great time and will have the memories. Just checked out that sight mentioned by Mikala. That’s so awesome that someone thought to do that. I pray someone finds yours and you’re able to get it back. God Bless!

  5. teddi

    my friend loses her camera, on nearly every trip she goes on. thank goodness for your instas kelli! what a nightmare to lose your camera. :P glad you had fun, & rylee’s standing. :)

  6. steffy

    i am so sorry to hear about your camera :( i imagine that is devastating, especially with a young baby that you take so many pictures of! but you have special memories, and luckily iphones take good quality photos these days! :)

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. abby

    oh no! how tragic! i would have felt ill too, no doubt.

    thank you for sharing your sweet vacation moments with us . . . and i love your attitude; losing your camera doesn’t take away from your family memories!

  8. maggie

    We were just in WI for our annual 4th of July at our family Cabin in Rowley’s Bay, Door County… Where were you? Did you get to a great Mid-West 4th of July parade?

    • kelli

      Awesome Maggie!! We were in the tiny town of Solon Springs…so no fancy parade for us. (i wish!) Wisconsin is just so great isn’t it!?

  9. betty

    So sorry to hear about your camera. I am praying that it turns up or that someone finds it. I can’t believe that Rylee is standing on her own! We are headed to Wisconsin in a few days I hope the weather is slightly cooler. I miss you and your beautiful little family!

  10. Carly

    Omg. I literally have nightmares about losing my camera. I am so, so sorry. Particularly that you lost all those beautiful memories.

    In any event, the Instagram pics are darling. I especially love the one of sleepy Riley on the boat.

  11. Lindsay

    Oh what a terrible way to end your trip! I’m so sorry! Hopefully it turns up! These photos are great though…that top one is just adorable!



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