So, I feel like I’m due for a catch up post.  I’ve been a little MIA from the ol blog the last 2 weeks.  SO much is going on right now in my life…lots of change and hard decisions.  Last week I packed up my bags and said farewell to working at Jedidiah.  I had been working there as a freelance graphic designer  since Rylee’s birth, although I still had a space there in the office that I worked out of.  Everyone joked that I was the “in-house freelancer”.  A very fitting term in fact.  And prior to working as a freelance graphic artist, I worked as the head of design for 6, count them, 6 years!  Now that’s a long time!  I started out as a baby at 20…straight out of college.  So many memories and relationships have been built through the company that it’s hard to even wrap my head around the journey I’ve been on….a journey that I decided to end last week, for now anyway.  I cried a little as I was packing all my things into my car.  I didn’t think I would get emotional because I knew I was making the right decision and following my heart….but with so much history there,  I guess I was fooling myself to think that I could hold back the tears.  I just came to a place in my life where I knew that something had to give.  I was trying to juggle too much.  I wanted so badly to be able to do it all, but in my heart of hearts I knew that meant sacrificing being the mom that I wanted to be, and want to be, for Rylee.  And with that, my decision was made.  There have been a number personal (art) goals I have been wanting to pursue for years but just haven’t found the time, and I now feel the freedom to chase after those.  And while that probably means not making much money for a while, I am really ok with that as long as I’m doing what I love, proud of the mother I am, and working towards an end goal.  So alas, my re-brand just might be a reality in the next few months and the beginning stages of my very own invitation line just MIGHT be in the works. (I’ve been dreaming of that one since age 8). OHHH weeee the possibilities! I’ll keep ya updated on the process. Thanks for joining me on the adventure.  Dreaming up some good stuff for this ol blog here too! Change is good.  Real good.


And on another note, the little lady is 11 months today.  Next month, we won’t be counting in months anymore…but in YEARS! Um excuse me!  P L E A S E  S T O P  G R O W I N G. I’m already late in planning a party. Nothing over the top….but something special.  Any brilliant theme ideas? I’m off to stalk pinterest.


  1. Rania

    I’m so proud of your for finally following what you love! I can’t wait to see the changes and all of your dreams coming true. xo

  2. Christine (VerveEvolving)

    always sending positive vibes from Canada !!! “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten, if there is not CHANGE , there is no CHANGE :) “

  3. Virginie

    It takes courage to follow our dreams but I’m sure with all the love and beauty in your life you will achieve your goals! I’m sure happy I made the choice to follow my own movie making dreams and I never loose sight that happiness and money are not directly linked :)

    You are one of the most inspiring bloggers to me right now and I’m excited to see what’s in store for you!

    Virginie xo

  4. Brooklyn Lindsey

    I feel what you’re talking about on multiple levels. I’m excited for you and for the days ahead. Be strong and courageous…fan into flame the gifts God has given you. Let God give you a new name (Revelation 2:17) and bloom in it. You are a wonderful example for believers. Thanks Kelli for being open and for stepping out of the boat. Others will follow and thank you for it…..Love ya!

  5. Candice

    We did a Disney theme for my son since he loves Mickey so much. We went to goofys kitchen at Disneyland had a Mickey cake and I got lots of cute little homemade ideas off pinterest so that’s a great place to start. Nothing big, just had fun with family. How much can a 1 year old do anyway? But he had great fun! They grow too fast! Mine is almost 15 months :(

    Congrats on your change! I love being a stay at home mom. I think it’s the most important job in the world and it’s so nice that your mid and goals are in the right place. Wish you all the best!!

  6. McCallion

    You guys are awesome – couldn’t be happier for you three!!! Indeed, change is good – keep lookin’ in Ry’s eyes many of life’s answers are in there :) (at least that’s what I find with Roman)

    Congrats, by the way, it’s never easy to dig up your roots and continue growing elsewhere but like Sam and always used to quote Joe Dirt’s T-Shirt: Life’s a Garden, Dig it.

    Best, McCallion

  7. Alexis

    SO proud of you for being brave and stepping away from the familiar and into something new. I’ve been there before (and I’m kinda there again) — it’s exciting, freeing and terrifying all at the same time! SO excited to see what you have up your sleeve. I’m trying to step into new things illustration-wise too — we should compare notes!

  8. myka

    Follow your heart girl! Congrats and can’t wait to see what’s in store for you. Oh and you bet I’ll be lining up to purchase your invitations. xoxo!

  9. Molly Clark

    Kuddos to you for following your heart and deciding to chase different dreams! I find that following my intuition almost always ends up with a good result. I would love to see an invitation line from you! As for the wee one growing up, it’s so crazy and bittersweet! My girl is almost 18 months and her development and progress floor me on a daily basis. Enjoy every sweet moment of it. :)

  10. Melissa

    Kelli! I completely admire your strength in following your heart! I need to borrow a little of that strength! I’m currently trying to figure some things out with my career and you taking the leap of faith will serve as great inspiration to me this coming year! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I’m so excited to see what’s in store for you! I know it’s going to be amaaazing!!!

    love love love,

  11. Kerri

    Proud of you, sister! Just always know to give up your fears and dreams alike to God and He will always guide you :)

  12. Ang

    It’s the end of an era! But you’ll do great out there in the big bad world. I’m excited about what you have in store (literally even, ha!)

    Follow your heart with Rylee’s party! I think sometimes the best theme is no theme…you want to make a bunch of big pinwheels stuck in the grass? Do it! Maybe hang some cool things from your tree? Do that, too! You want to put bunny’s on the invites but it has nothing to do with anything else at the party? So what? It’s awesome. She’ll (and everyone else) will love it.

  13. kelly ann

    So happy for you, lady! This whole thing must be so bittersweet – but I’m excited to see what your future holds. :) You’re such a gifted artist, I can only imagine the opportunities that will land in your lap.


  14. Lindsay

    Congrats on such a big decision! Way to follow your heart and take a leap of faith. I can’t wait to see what you dream up!

  15. Monika / MB Captured

    I love to hear you are following your heart, I am going through a transition phase at the moment too.

    Often the scariest decisions are the BEST ones, I am sure you will be successful with your new venture.

    After working in Administration for almost 10 years I have woken up and asked myself, what on earth am I doing? I don’t love this! So I am now a graphic design student (as using the admin job to fund it for now) – I’m nervous and learning a whole new world and it is so exciting!


    • kelli

      Good for you Monika! Yes, it’s true that sometimes the best decisions are the hardest to make. Good luck to you!

  16. Greta

    Everday I have to talk myself down from all the creative things I want to do with my time and remind my self that being a mom of 2 little girls is the very best way to spend my time. They are only little for so long!

    I love pretty color themes. Peach and gold would be pretty!

  17. lindsay

    very cool! super excited for your family, it is a blessing to get to stay home with your little!

  18. martina

    Congratulations on making a tough decision and going for it :)
    Thinking about Rylee’s party, I saw the wildflowers in Amy Scheepers’ photos (from your last post) and imagined a picnic with little bento box lunches, a woven picnic basket with floating balloons, a wildflower crown for the birthday girl, colorful blankets for everyone to lounge on…. I don’t know, I’m sure whatever you do will be gorgeous and make us all wish we were there helping you celebrate sweet Rylee’s first year. My little Odin just turned 6 months. I can’t imagine how 1 year will feel…*heavy sigh*.



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