I am excited to be featured over on the Sometime’s Sweet blog today, for Dani’s blog series “Literary & Stylish”. (You may have already seen it as I’m a little late in blogging it!)  I’m sharing the many reasons why I was so inspired and encouraged by the book,  MOM, INC.  I read it several months ago, during a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed and defeated.  I came from a place of working too much, to hardly finding the time to work at all after Rylee was born.  While I always knew I wanted to be home raising my daughter, I also knew I wanted to continue to pursue my creative dreams as a freelance artist and designer.  I knew it would be hard to find that balance, but I never knew quite how hard until it was actually upon me.  And let me tell ya, it was a learning curve! (and still is in many ways).  Hence the hard decision I made that I shared with you in my previous post.

This book helped lay it all out.  A simple and practical guide, encouraging me that it is in fact possible to be a mom and a business owner at the same time. Read more > HERE

If you are a mom or a business owner…or simply hope to be both one day, this book is for you!  And if you’ve read it already, let me know your thoughts!

Photos by Raechel Denise


  1. Jessica

    I actually almost bought this book the other day and now I regret putting it back! I’m not a mother yet, but my boyfriend and I have a 5-year plan which involves getting married, starting a business, growing our (very new) blog and having a baby – not all in that particular order. My goal is by the time I have a child, our business is at a level where I can only work on that and not have any secondary income that forces me to go to a different job.

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ll definitely have to pick it up!

  2. Momdrey

    I’m a mom of two boys, 1 & 2 yrs old. I am also a freelance graphic designer. I definitely know how hard it is to balance both children and work. Thanks for the book reference. I will definitely be checking it out :)


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