UNDER $100

HAT > THRIFTED = $8 //  SUNNIES > THRIFTED = $10 // SHIRT > H&M = $12 //  BAG > ALDO = $17// PANTS > TARGET = S22 // SHOES > H&M = $29

I’ve decided to add a new feature here called UNDER $100.  It’s a spin off of my usual lookbook posts, only all of these outfits will be compiled of clothes that together are $100 dollars or less! Sound fun!?  I’ve realized it’s not easy to do considering the price of clothes these days.  But I’ve been trying to be more thoughtful in my purchases….and fashion on a budget is not as bad as it’s cracked up to be!  Hopefully this feature can serve as a bit of inspiration to looking cute without breaking the bank. That’s the goal anyway, right!?

I did an audible gasp in the middle of Target when I spotted these floral printed pants!  They were so close to this pair of Current/Elliott printed denim I had seen for nearly 8 times the price! SCORE!  22 bucks….i’ll take em.  There was also a colored version I might have loved even more, only they didn’t have my size.  You can bet i’ll be going back for a possible re-stock.  And to think, all I really needed was baby powder and batteries. ha.  I suggest you head over to your local Target to see if any of these gems are still available!  I got my mint bag from ALDO.  They’ve got some pretty great (cheap!) handbag options.  I love this one because it’s big enough to use as a diaper bag too.  Always a bonus!  Links to all the other stuff is above!


  1. Candice

    I love this new feature!!!
    Besides occasional splurges, I need to shop on a budget so my husband doesn’t kill me haha.
    I love this outfit. I actually saw the pants at target but they didn’t have my size so I’ll have to head over today and check again.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  2. TJ

    okay, $22 for those pants are definitely a steal! adore!!!! need to get myself some immediately! target, here i come!
    xo TJ

  3. Melisande

    love those pants! we have a target opening up here in FIVE days and you bet i’ll be there on opening day to scoop up a pair of those pants! so cute.

  4. Ashley

    I love the outfit. I need those pants!! This post is such a great idea.

    p.s. What is your typical workout routine? I need to do what you do! Maybe you could do a post on it? I’m sure we’d all be interested.

  5. Christine

    I’ve always loathed how mags will claim to show looks for under $100, but actually mean that each piece separately is under $100 (making an outfit over $100.)

    Thanks for this! I can’t wait to see what other under $100 combos you come up with.

  6. teddi

    kelli, what glee that you found those jeans at target. i adore your whole look! i like this feature. :)

  7. Ashley

    I love this outfit so much, especially those pants! So amazing. And I can’t believe the outfit is under $100!

    xo Ashley

  8. Vera Deleone

    I’m insulted. As the mother of a stillborn son, I know it took male and female to create him. Why is such a TINY sampling of this country being allowed to hijack it? Gay high school in Arizona, Trans Prisons in a CA dishing out hormones,., where does it end? I couldn’t get a Death Certificate AT ALL for my son because I was only at 24 weeks, but TWO WOMEN are fussing about it when TWO WOMEN didn’t create the baby. I pray that God still blesses this country with the straight to hell direction it’s headed into. Rest in peace my baby and that sweet baby as well. Protected and loved with Jesus.

  9. Carri

    This is just amazing! Hard to believe it’s under $100 at the first glance!
    Love the background as well, just too perfect for photo shoots :)



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