Hey friends! Joanna Waterfall here with a little DIY goodness for those summer night dinners on the porch.

This DIY really can be changed and done creatively as you wish. I chose to do a few different jars with a few different techniques. Pick your favorite and go for it!

Here’s what you need:


– A variety of jars

– Your favorite color paints. I used Martha Stewart multi-surface paints, just because they work well on glass

– Pattern tape

– A nail or sharp object (to carve designs through the paint)

– Paint brushes

– Candle or tea light


Now that you’ve got your materials, let’s get going…

Step 1:

Prepare your jar however you see fit. I used pattern tape on my first jar. Another jar I used I just painted it solid. So depending on if you would like to do a pattern or not, put your pattern tape on there! Make sure you press that tape down hard so when you paint over it no paint gets on the other side


Step 2:

Paint your jar! Since we will be putting a candle inside, do a few coats so the light shines through only the places you want it to. If you’re using pattern tape, paint over the tape and wait for it to dry completely.

Step 3:

Experiment with colors on your other jars! I did one pink, one teal and one gold.

Step 4:

Wait for your paint to dry. This is important for the next step


Step 5:

Once your paint is dry- if you used patterning tape, peel it off! You get fun stripes of glass that will look neat when you place your candle inside. I added some splashes of gold over mine to give it a fun effect when it’s seen in the daylight. On another one of my jars, I took a nail and carved out the words “live, laugh, love” which looks so cool at night when the light shines through the words! (This would also be a great idea for a wedding centerpiece- put the bride and groom’s names on the candle and see them glow in the night!)

Finish it up!

Once you’re happy with how your jar looks, place a bit of sand inside your jar and place your tea light inside.

Place them on your outdoor table and enjoy a summer meal with your lovely candles glowing in the warm night!


  1. Sarah {Lacquer and Linen}

    This is such a cute idea! I especially like the carved words, I bet it looks awesome at night. All sorts of Halloween ideas are coming to mind! This would make for a great craft for kids as well.

  2. Bryn

    So, would you seal the paint with varnish? Modge Podge, perhaps? Or something else? I love this DIY!

  3. Joanna Waterfall

    Hey Bryn! I used a paint that works with any surface, so it didn’t need a seal- but Modge Podge would be a good one! Also, I’ve heard brush-on polyurethane varnish works well for sealing paint on glass. It comes in glossy or matte… Hope that helps a bit!

  4. Sarah

    oh my gosh:) i love this… i just did a few dozen of these and put candles in them and hung them in my barn with was beautiful :)


    Beautiful meals, thank you for sharing them!I just sent my husband an email asking him to bring home some of these ingredients!The raw salad and zucchini cakes look wonderful! Do you make your own lemon dressing or is there a specific kind you would recommend? Sending love xoxo


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