1. Summer is coming to an end! Say it ain’t so!  It’s been so warm though, you’d never know it.  We had fun at the beach this weekend.  Daddy showing Rylee that waves aren’t so scary after all.

2. Still not a big fan of the sand.

3. Chasing shadows is serious business.

4. Finally got around to trying my own iced coffee – this recipe. I like it with nutmeg.

5. My best friend came down from LA to spend the day with Rylee and I.  Her little guy is just two months younger than Ry. The cutest duo ever. Co-ed bath time was pretty hilarious.

6. I created a new “honey-bee” version of my baby shower invitations for a shower Elsie was throwing for her sister in law.  You can see all the party details over on her blog.  Too cute…and such a great theme, right!?  You can order these invites on my etsy.

7. On a bit of a washi kick lately.  Got these from Pretty Tape.

8.  I’ve been super busy with a portrait project I am working on….and totally loving it.  I’ll be able to share it with you later this month.  Testing my illustration skills with more realistic drawings!

9. I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately asking about what my fitness program is.  Truth be told, I don’t have one.  I’ve always wanted to be disciplined exerciser…but just never had the motivation, or the time.  I know everyone says that if you want something, you have to MAKE the time. And that’s a very true statement…I guess I just never wanted it bad enough.  Until now that is. My post baby body just never quite got back to my pre-baby body (not that I should have expected it to without exercising).  But not only that,  I’m motivated to be stronger and healthier for the long haul, for my family and for myself.  It’s something that’s always been really hard for me, but I want it more than ever.  Sam and I just got memberships to the YMCA two weeks ago.  A first for the both of us.  We landed there primarily because they have child care and the facility is just minutes from our house.  So far so good.  I still hate the gym….but I am hoping as time goes on, I grow to maybe even enjoy it.  I’m not there yet….I still go dragging my feet.  But at least I’m there right!? haha. What helps to keep you motivated?  And what are your favorite songs to workout to!? I am making a mix and I could use some suggestions!

10. We live for pool days!  Maybe one day she will love the beach just as much.

And this photo right here just might be my favorite ever taken! haha. I laugh every time I look at it. Love her.

  1. Natasha

    I love your currently posts!
    So I am officially jealous that you get to look like that without exercise! Even with running 30-40 km each week (right up until 32 weeks pregnant) and two sessions of yoga, I didn’t look like you look now pre-baby! I wish they had creche at the gyms here in Paris and that the gyms were more affordable. So for me it’s jogging with the stroller when it’s nice out (not that often actually). I uploaded all my old HedKandi and Dance music CDs onto my iPod. The beats are upbeat and fast enough to keep me going for a good hour or so.
    Love the last photo too! Walking yet? xxx

  2. stuph b

    i love the Y, i used to go to the one in mission valley. i always felt more comfortable there than at a 24 hour fitness. have you tried some of the group classes? the kickboxing ones are always fun and so is zumba! i always find when you’re jumping or dancing around, the time just flies by.

    i listen to just about anything “dancey” when i work out. i also really like to prop my phone up in front of me on the elliptical and watch an episode of something on hulu.

  3. TJ

    you guys are just twins in that last photo. i absolutely love it!!!
    looks like you have been having so much fun out and about. i wish i could get the motivation to go to the gym. definitely need to get on that.
    xo TJ

  4. Kendra

    Ellie Goulding has a really great workout remix, Run Into The Light (Medley). It always keeps me going at the gym. You can find it on iTunes. Happy exercising! :)

  5. teddi

    kelli, i always say it, but i always mean it, i adore your instas! rylee’s so heart melting. i recognized katie immediately. good going on the gym front. :)



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