Well, it’s been one of those weeks.  Or last week was…and it continues to spill over to this week.  I’ve found myself worrying over a lot of things.  Work stuff, family stuff, life stuff.  Life has a way of running in circles like that doesn’t it?  There are times when everything seems to be going just right.  And then there are times like these where I’m just confused, and not sure which path to take.  I feel split in a million directions and am just a bit overwhelmed by it all.  Lucky for me, this little lady in the drawer keeps my head straight.  My worries quickly disappear as I watch her toss all my shirts to the floor and snug herself up in my dresser drawer….clapping and smiling in her success.  Sometimes I wish I could revert back to that innocent, child-like state of mind.  But I am lucky to be able to witness that in her….and to be reminded daily of the things that really deserve my attention.  The things that fill my mind with happiness and thankfulness rather than the things that fill me with worry.  I believe there is a healthy balance somewhere for both of those emotions….but choosing to live with hope and gratitude sounds so much better to me.



  1. adele

    your baby’s so cute!! love this shot! <3


  2. Christine

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve just learned that We are currently experiencing the New Moon in Leo – it’s a very transitional time for everyone. It’s amazing how I’m seeing people all around me experience this. You are definintely not alone! It’s all temporary :)

  3. Kendra Dee

    I’ve learned that just trying to live my life to be happy, everything falls into place. Sometimes it takes time and a whole lot of good vibes but everything has a way of working itself out. I think everyone feels that way more than just once in a while, but feeling that way helps propell us to where we want to be. :) and you’ve got a gorgeous family to take you there!

  4. Mary

    Your writing is so articulate and real in this blog…..I’m not much of a blog reader, but looking for pics of Rylee’s b-day party led me to it and I’m so glad it did. You express so well how unpredictable life is, and the choices we have in our responses to it. XXXOOO



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