Welp.  Today was the day.  I can’t believe she really is one.  I feel like she was tiny for so long….and just recently, I have started to really notice her growth.  Every day I think “man, you ARE getting big!”  Part of me is a little sad to leave that baby stage behind, but more of me is excited to see more of her personality to shine through and to get to know her on a different level.  She has already changed so much in the last 6 months, I can’t imagine what she will be like at 2!  I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  Anyway, we had a great time celebrating her with family and friends today.  We had a little party in the park, complete with feathers and moccasins and hand made teepees!  You can see some of the pics from today on my instagram, but more of the photos I will blog when I am back from Vegas (we leave for a short getaway early tomorrow morning).  I posted this picture of Rylee and I on my instagram this afternoon and actually got a bit of backlash regarding the theme not being “culturally appropriate”.  At first I was a little surprised that someone would even think of that looking at a single photo of a happy baby in a feather headband enjoying her first birthday…but then again, nothing surprises me TOO much anymore.  I just can’t see how decorating with feathers and a teepee could come across as insulting, to anyone? Wouldn’t that mean using anything, from any other culture, is inappropriate?  I think that would make for a boring world. Regardless, the theme made it a fun experience for all the kids and that was the whole goal anyway.  Hope you had a happy weekend too! Here we come Vegas! (please cool down a bit. thanks)


  1. Tania

    It´s beautifull, your babygirl is sooo lovely ^__^ and you are a fabulous mami :)
    greatings from Spain!
    and i love feathers and teepee!

  2. LoveFeast Table

    Cultural backlash?! We think some people just don’t have enough time on their hands. Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day and savor every moment.
    ~Chris Ann & Kristin

  3. Chrisi

    I think the only thing that matters is that you all had a good time, she looks like such a happy baby :] More people need some fairytale and creativity in their lives, imagine how happy they’d be! xoxo

  4. Katie

    Oh I LOVE this birthday theme! It’s amazing!!!!
    And sad that people have to be so
    Stupid and insulting over stuff like this…oh well – there will always be jealous haters out there who wish they had your life and creativity!

    Love your blog!

  5. Toni

    This is soooo lovely! What a brilliant idea and Happy Birthday to your little girl. – Some people just have too much time on their hands and have nothing better to do than criticize others for no reason. Keep up all the good work, you are a true inspiration.


  6. kate

    such a fun theme for a party! this and face paints would probably be a good one to recreate when she’s old enough to run around with friends :). ignore the moaners complaining about it being inappropriate, it’s not at all! some people like to pick a fault with even the most innocent of things, as proven by this photo!

  7. Megan

    I am in LOVE with the theme! Some people just can’t be happy for others. Can’t wait for you to post how you made all of the adorable decorations!!! Happy Birthday Rylee!

  8. teddi

    lovely photos kelli! yes, i’ve read comments of people being very offended by certain cultural trends. the comments hurt my heart, & make me uncomfortable, for i know being hurtful wasn’t anyone’s intention.

  9. Brittany LeSueur

    I stumbled upon your blog through instagram, and you are ADORABLE! I think you are my new favorite, which I don;t say lightly! Your little girl is precious, and I hope to see more pics of her lovely day!!! – your newest follower!

  10. yesitsinnapropriate

    hello Kelli,

    I’ve been following you for a long time, since you found out you were pregnant. I love your blog, your outfits and mostly all the DIY projects. However, I was disappointed that you didn’t understand why appropriating this First People’s theme is disrespectful. People that are offended are not ‘haters’. The reason WHY this specific theme is disrespectful is because indigenous peoples, who inhabited North America, South America, and the whole world were slaughtered by British armies for years. This ongoing genocide is often ignored, and even celebrated, such as Thanksgiving. However, fashion companies make a lot of money off fashions and styles originally worn by First Peoples, so technically it is making money off a group of people who have been violently killed, without giving that money to these peoples. Now, lets say you found my website full of your illustrations, and I had made lots of money selling your prints. You’d be hurt, confused, and outraged. The racisms and slavery of Native people in the US is still going on, so when people dress up as Indians, it is disrespectful, because you are using their symbols for your fun, you are not celebrating their traditions. You say the world would be boring if we couldn’t borrow from all the cultures that are out there, and I think when you are using something that is not yours you need to pay respects and tribute to that place you are borrowing. If I made illustrations inspired by you, I would credit you, complement you, and write about what I have learned from you. However, by dressing up in a headdress you are not doing that. Your baby is adorable and your decorations are amazing, but keep in mind when borrowing from other cultures that it is not yours to wear, and you did not ask permission.

    • kelli

      to ‘yesitsinnapropraite’ – I think you are looking into all of this far too deeply. It was a one year old’s birthday party. And these arguments and comparisons are so apples and oranges that I don’t feel like I have to justify anything about what happened at a very happy time for my daughter and our family. That being said, it’s a little close to home to have anonymous posters critiquing a small child’s birthday on a social-political level. Everything in this world is borrowed and reinterpreted by other cultures and people. We live in a different generation now, all peoples come from a background of struggle at some level. Unless you are asking “permission” from the african community to listen to blues music or hip hop in your car, or “permission” from the irish to celebrate st. patty’s day, or “permission” from Argentinian farmers to wear TOMS shoes…you are asserting a standard of neutrality and cultural sensitivity that is somewhat hypocritical and unsustainable. All of the above are all borrowed from cultures and peoples that have been oppressed or suffered through poverty and war in their past but you can’t pay homage to all things in everything you do. You can celebrate the beautiful things in all cultures and appreciate all peoples and things around you each day instead and choose to live to create new futures for the next generation.

      Thanks for posting and your concern. I appreciate your feedback and stance on your personal opinion.

  11. Melanie

    Wow really? I can’t believe what some people are saying. No it is not disrespectful in anyway! It was a one year olds bday party. Sorry Kelli that u have to deal with the rude comments on what should have been a happy time for you and your family. Happy bday to rylee! Cute pics :)

  12. Aspen

    hear hear Kelli! I think it’s an absolutely lovely theme. Because that’s just what is was – a theme. A well thought out, aesthetically pleasing theme.


  13. Coury

    I’m sorry that such a beautiful day had to be tampered with by ridiculous comments like the one above. Of course it’s anonymous…they always are. People like that make me want to quit the Internet but I’m glad you didn’t because I loved seeing such beautiful pics of such a happy special day! And the comparison of wearing feathers to your art is ridiculous!
    Happy birthday Rylee!

  14. Sara

    Oh I had to comment because your theme is just too adorable for words! It looks like you had an amazing time and I just want you to know that I am Native American (Cherokee) and am not at all offended nor should anyone else be honestly. You were not demeaning nor were you making fun of us. You decorated wonderfully and it is all so adorable. I have plans to use a similar theme for my little boy and can’t wait for it. I just wanted to chime in because I hate for you to be told that this was disrespectful at all:)

    p.s. your little one is precious!

    • kelli

      Thank you Sarah! Your comment means a lot! My dad comes from a Cherokee bloodline, so I am in part (very small part) Cherokee too. Although you would never guess it :) I didn’t want to use that to justify anything though! I appreciate your comment and hope to see photos of your party soon! Thank you!! xo.

  15. Michellle

    really?!?! gosh, maybe i missed something but honestly what i got from the pic was a sweet celebration with baby and mama! i’m korean-american and let’s say you decided to have a “far east” themed party or something equivalent, i just don’t think i would have directly assumed that you were disrespecting a whole culture.

    i digress~ just wanted to share HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your lil’ sweetheart. Rylee is so blessed to have a fantastic, artistic and creative mama like you! hope you and your family had an amazing time celebrating~ that smile sure is indicative of a fabulous time!!

  16. Crystal


    Rylee looks absolutely amazing…the perfect combination of you and Sam. I hope she enjoyed her little birthday and that others opinions didn’t taint the special day for you guys. Lately I have had a lot of backlash regarding deciding to homeschool my babes, feed them vegan food and deciding to wear only used, vintage or etsy items. Funny how a lot of the comments so full of hate are also anonymous. But

    “live in such a way that if anyone would speak badly of you, no one would believe it”

    “motherhood is YOUR journey with YOUR children”


    Crystal A.K.A. ready to pop out the third any day

    • kelli

      Thank you Crystal! Amen to those quotes! I can’t believe you are already at the finish line with the third! Best wishes to you!! Lots of love. xo

  17. indiedaisyguiao

    hi kelli,

    i’m one of your fans, from the philippines.:) been reading your blog, since i saw you @
    love your dreamy photos, your illustrations and how you dress up.:) especially your DIYs, your one of my inspiration.:) i’m also a mom, and i enjoyed reading your blog about your little one and family.:)

    Belated Happy Birthday to your cute Rylee!

  18. Nataliya

    Aw so glad I found your blog. THis is beautiful.Its funny how easy it is for people to find something to say against than for. But we will go on always, let them say what they say:D xoxo



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