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I get asked a lot about where I shop for Rylee.  And honestly, I shop all over.  In-store and online.  But there are definitely a few places I continue to return to time and time again.    In my experience, you have to do a bit of digging to find anything that is, well….not so “baby”.  Meaning hot pink and lady bugs.  Or in a boys case, embroidered trucks and teddy bears.  Since I do so much “digging” already, I thought I’d share my finds with you here in a new feature that I am calling Wee LIttle Wears!  And I’m starting with the obvious….shoes!! Probably the one thing I get most excited about but in reality, gets the least amount of wear.  But come on! They are just TOO cute!  Here is a little roundup of my favorites for your tiny guys and gals.

1. Elephantito Ballerina Slipper –  This one is for the girly girls!  How cute would these be paired with THIS!  eek.

2.  Bloch Kids Baby Ruffle Flat – I got these as a gift for my baby shower and I LOVE them!  They are a really soft, vintage gold…so they can pretty much match with anything.  I can’t wait til Rylee can fit into them.  Still another 6 months I’d guess. err.

3.  VIBYS Coral Pink Suede Leather Baby Shoes – I’ve blogged about VIBYS before in this post….but they are still one of my favorite baby shoes shops!   Rylee has these moccasins and they are even more awesome in person.  And I love that they are all hand made!

4.  Gap Knotted T Strap Sandals – A summer staple!

5. Tip Toey Joey Leopard Print Ballerinas – If you haven’t checked out Little Fashion Gallery….it’s a must.  So much good stuff, including these adorable baby flats I just stumbled upon.  A little more high end (aka pricey) but the stuff is to die for.  If you’re on a budget, check out their outlet. Sometimes you can find pretty great steals.

6.  Acorn Gold Wing Boots – Are you kidding me!!? Gold!!?….wings!?!….nuff said.

7.  Minnetonka Sheepskin Bootie – Being from the midwest….i’m a sucker for Minnetonka mocs.  Love these cozy little booties for Fall/Winter.

8.  Minnetonka Fringe Bootie – On our last trip to Wisconsin in July, my grandma bought Rylee these moccasins.  Probably my favorite shoe she owns!

9.  Freshly Picked Gold Moccasins –  Clearly, I’m into moccasins! haha.  Such a cute alternative to your standard moccasin.  The elastic band around the ankle helps to keep it on your baby’s foot.

10. TOMS ‘Jamison Botas’ Boot –  If I had a little guy, he’s be rocking these!  Cute + a good cause.  Love that.

11.  Native Shoes ‘Jefferson’ Slip On – The croc never looked so good! I know these aren’t crocs…but they are the same idea, only 10x cooler.

12. Zara Basic High Top Sneaker – Zara is another one of my favorite places to shop for Rylee.  We don’t have a store in San Diego, so I am stuck to shop online.  They probably have one of the best shoe selections for babies and kids that I’ve found…..for style that is.  What they lack in quantity they make up for in quality! But they sell out SO FAST.  I just bought these gold kicks on Monday when they first came out, and they are already gone!  (Did you see this instagram pic?) Anyway, their selection for baby boys might be even cuter!

Hope you have fun shopping around!



So we are re-vamping some things around here and my first priority…the office!  It’s been pretty bare for a while now because I just haven’t had the time to figure out what I want to do with it.  But I’ve realized there will probably never be a “good time” so I’ve got to start somewhere!  And I don’t know about you, but working in a space that you love makes such a big difference in workflow!  Unfortunately, the room in my home designated for my office does not get a whole lot of light.  So that makes it tough because I LOVE a room with good lighting. But I’m doing my best with what I’ve got!  Obviously, from the inspiration below, I’m loving white walls, natural wood, and pops of color.  That first little nook kills me!  Sam and I are heading out to Ikea and Home Depot this weekend to finish phase one of the office re-vamp….wood floors!  Eek….slowly and surely our house is becoming carpetless and I am loving it! And with a baby running around, it makes clean up that much easier too!

What are you inspired by?

s o u r c e   

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Realizing I have a lot of art in my archives that no one has ever seen….I decided to join Society6 and offer some of that art as prints!  This is just the beginning, but head on over to check out some of the options I have available now.  I think a few of them would be pretty great as an oversized poster in a kids room or nursery. There are also options for iphone cases and skins too!

Right now I am having a promo where you will receive FREE Shipping when you order one or more products from my Society6 store, now through August 12th.  Just click THIS LINK to visit the shop and make your purchase and the free shipping will apply.

Here is some of what you will see.

Be Brave


Dream Bird

Pirate Bear



And lastly, here are a few of my fav iphone cases in the shop.  I’ll be adding more art over the next few weeks, so make sure you check back later too!  Thanks for all the support!



1. Summer is coming to an end! Say it ain’t so!  It’s been so warm though, you’d never know it.  We had fun at the beach this weekend.  Daddy showing Rylee that waves aren’t so scary after all.

2. Still not a big fan of the sand.

3. Chasing shadows is serious business.

4. Finally got around to trying my own iced coffee – this recipe. I like it with nutmeg.

5. My best friend came down from LA to spend the day with Rylee and I.  Her little guy is just two months younger than Ry. The cutest duo ever. Co-ed bath time was pretty hilarious.

6. I created a new “honey-bee” version of my baby shower invitations for a shower Elsie was throwing for her sister in law.  You can see all the party details over on her blog.  Too cute…and such a great theme, right!?  You can order these invites on my etsy.

7. On a bit of a washi kick lately.  Got these from Pretty Tape.

8.  I’ve been super busy with a portrait project I am working on….and totally loving it.  I’ll be able to share it with you later this month.  Testing my illustration skills with more realistic drawings!

9. I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately asking about what my fitness program is.  Truth be told, I don’t have one.  I’ve always wanted to be disciplined exerciser…but just never had the motivation, or the time.  I know everyone says that if you want something, you have to MAKE the time. And that’s a very true statement…I guess I just never wanted it bad enough.  Until now that is. My post baby body just never quite got back to my pre-baby body (not that I should have expected it to without exercising).  But not only that,  I’m motivated to be stronger and healthier for the long haul, for my family and for myself.  It’s something that’s always been really hard for me, but I want it more than ever.  Sam and I just got memberships to the YMCA two weeks ago.  A first for the both of us.  We landed there primarily because they have child care and the facility is just minutes from our house.  So far so good.  I still hate the gym….but I am hoping as time goes on, I grow to maybe even enjoy it.  I’m not there yet….I still go dragging my feet.  But at least I’m there right!? haha. What helps to keep you motivated?  And what are your favorite songs to workout to!? I am making a mix and I could use some suggestions!

10. We live for pool days!  Maybe one day she will love the beach just as much.

And this photo right here just might be my favorite ever taken! haha. I laugh every time I look at it. Love her.