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Monday already?  I was not quite ready for you.  Yesterday, I had one of those days where I found myself blog hopping for far longer than I ought to on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  You know, those moments when you sit down at your computer to answer a few emails and check your facebook, and then find yourself three hours later forgetting the reason you sat down at all…..but thoroughly caught up on everyone else’s lives.  Ya, it was one of those days.  Most of the time I scold myself for moments hours like this, but yesterday I stumbled upon some posts that got me thinking.  I am really speaking of this one by The Man Repeller where she talks about the purity of street style and what it’s become today.

Once upon a time, fashion blogs were all I was interested in.  For me, my love for fashion came even before my love for art.  I have always had a love for street style photography and have been long inspired by photographers like Tommy Ton & Scott Schuman.  But over the last year or so I have found myself somewhat disinterested in some of  the fashion blogs I so religiously used to read.  Keeping up with the latest and greatest in the fashion industry began to feel draining, and unfulfilling.  Maybe it’s just the place I am in life….no longer with a job that requires me to keep up with the hottest trends and spending the greater portion of my day changing diapers and keeping a child alive.  (a job I do in fact love).  It’s no secret that my style posts have dwindled.  But it’s funny how that transition occurred.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love fashion for it’s artistic value, creativity, and self expression…and I will still blog about my personal style for those reasons, but it does feel different somehow.   And it’s clear that the industry is different now too.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been loosely following the happenings at NY & London Fashion Week (mostly through the bloggers I follow on instagram).  It’s ironic that street style (with the purist of beginnings) is essentially becoming an industry itself, through blogger/brand collaborations and other marketing ploys.  And that “the pouring in and pouring out of show-goers pre and post shows have arguably become more entertaining than the shows themselves.”  All posing and vying for those camera clicks.   Seems a little backwards doesn’t it?  I guess the point is to love fashion for the emotion it evokes and how it makes us feel, not for the fame or recognition.  Speaking of evoking emotion….did you happen to see the Spring 2013 RTW collection by 3.1 Phillip Lim?!  I am such a fan.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of street style?


  1. Natasha

    We are seriously frequently on the same wave-length. I’ve definitely found my interest in those fashion blogs dwindling too. I used to spend hours looking, and commenting and wondering at what everyone was wearing, but I think in the last 18 months or so, it’s become much more competitive, and less interesting. Those BIG fashion blogs are an alternate universe as not many of us can expect to dress in designer clothes everyday. It’s a shame since, in my opinion, some of those bloggers are no longer true to their “personal” style.

    Maybe some of my disinterest also comes from that same shift in priorities you have experienced. My baby is SO active, and certainly worth every second of my attention. I have my own creative goals, a business in start-up, and fashion design dreams to pursue, and somewhere in there I want to relaunch my blog. So little time! I look at few blogs now, but yours always gets my attention. Your art and your style are true and infinitely more interesting than most of what’s out there on the net. And something I look forward to, when I can steal five minutes for myself.

    • kelli

      Thank you girls! And cheers to being relatable :) Good luck in your fashion ventures Natasha! Look forward to seeing your blog re-launch…trust, me….I understand the time contraint! So much to do, yet so little time! Story of my life ;) xoxo

  2. kellyhicks

    Ditto on fashion blogs. I am WAY more interested in reading blogs that incorporate personal style into their life. I like blogs that are relatable and offer style that is attainable in my wardrobe…which is why I love your blog and your new Under $100 series!

  3. Casey Jane

    I think street style is defiantly a thing all on its own, I know for a shoot I’m styling I always like to people watch for inspiration but the blogger/branding is still something I’m not sure about. I love that it allows independant brands to gain exposure that isn’t always in the spotlight but when a blog becomes just that and no content…well I don’t how it’s any different then a magazine ad.
    I still love personal expression and bloggers that like to share how they scored a Chanel bag on Kensington st in NY and paired with goodwill jeans. That to me is true fashion and should always be expressed.
    Great post Kelli! Been reading your blog since I started styling 6 months ago :)

  4. Sara

    I think you’re right about street style, but I think that observation is one I have seen spread across many other industries as well. Marketing as a whole has shifted to a “street style” if you will. With the rise of bloggers and instant media sharing, big businesses have realized the value of 3rd party validation (although it had been there all along) and wanted to find a way to get in on it. The trouble is that when that starts to happen that 3rd party validation begins to lose its credibility therefore defeating the whole purpose. I really think it’s the responsibility of the bloggers (etc) to be really transparent about their relationships with brands so that there aren’t any blurred lines and readers can still trust their unbiased opinion.

  5. Kat

    Hi Kelli,
    Great post, made me reflect on my own view of street style and fashion bloggers in general.
    I wonder if the initial draw was because it was an authentic style, that sprang up naturally and was worn by those out and about their day “on the street”
    I don’t know if it works so well when worn by someone trying to do “a street style look”, it feels less real & just another trend.

    I do think there’s still inspiration to be drawn from others sharing their fashion finds and personal style. But I’m always more inspired by those bloggers who make it only one facet of what they share and who they are, as opposed up those who blog simply outfits or purchases. Afterall these days the lines are blurred as to whether they paid for the item or were paid to endorse it.

    I always enjoy your fashion based posts because of their authenticity and also because you do them less often. I just wish some of the brands or stores you find things at were also easy to get in the uk!
    Oh and one last thing before I go, thanks got stopping by Secrets yesterday, lovely to “see” you :)
    Love kat x

    • kelli

      Thank you for always being so kind and encouraging Kat. I always forget that a lot of what I post in my lookbook, can’t be purchased by everyone! I hope to visit the UK some time! Maybe if I do, I will have to call on you! :)

  6. Maci

    Dear Kelli,

    I totally agree with you.

    I just came back from London Fashion Week and it was crazy to see all these people wearing the craziest things just so that someone takes a picture of them for their blog.

    Looking very formal in my peplum dresses and jackets, I know that I must’ve been so boring looking for them – but obviously, I was there to work, not to pose ;)

    Keep on bloggin’

    Love, Maci

  7. Jessica

    I absolutely agreed in the sense that I to believe that fashion is constantly evolving and that, with the evolution of mass media, it can be very time consuming trying to keep up with the current fashion world. But, I believe that by looking at fashion in the street and less on the web or magazines, it allows me to create a path in mind where I create some inspiration boards of what I like and what I want to incorporate in my closet. I live in a town where it’s a good mixture of people wearing very classic clothes for work and a lot of younger people wearing some more retro styles.

    Nonetheless, I always keep an open eye on fashion anywhere I look. Btw,I love your style of fashion!!



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